About Me

Hi, I’m Nudge, the founder of Affiliate Returns.

I guess you’re wondering how and why I started this website, well here my background.

I used to be a draftsperson for various companies including Hydraulics and Civil Engineering. My wife has a more lucrative career than I do so when kids came along, I stayed home looking after them, so that my wife could go back to work. I found this not only comforting being with my kids, but also challenging.

There are benefits of staying at home and I was able to do some part time drafting. But I found that I needed to bring in some extra income as my drafting career is not that well paid. I needed to learn a different skill set, so I set about learning how affiliate marketing worked.

I figured that if I could earn money from my PC or laptop, then this could supplement any existing money we had coming in.

So, Where Did I Start…

I set up a blog known as perfectonlineincom.com. It was a failure, but doesn’t everyone start off like this!

Honestly, I though my first website would be a huge success but I really didn’t know the first thing about how to get visitors to my website, or the proper skills to rank highly in Google.

Since then I’ve tried various new websites and have succeeded with this money making ideal. My current website is I Know the Barman and is bringing in good money on a regular basis.

My Journey

Although this journey has been challenging, it’s also extremely rewarding as I now earn money whilst I’m sleeping. I also help people buy through my recommendations after reviewing products. This is rewarding in itself, as I feel justified in my thorough endeavours to point my visitors in the direction of the best product.

How Did I Learn All This…

In 2014 I found a training platform called Wealthy Affiliate that showed me how to build ‘I Know the Barman’ and this website, Affiliate Returns. Together they produce a 4 figure income for me each and every month.

This has allow me to have the following benefits:

  • Freedom to work when I choose
  • Freedom to work in the location of my choosing
  • Make money whilst I’m sleeping or looking after the kids
  • Provide finances for our family

Th help and guidance from Wealthy Affiliate has helped me achieve this and I couldn’t have done it without their direction.

The great this is, anyone can achieve the same results that I have. It’s also possible to start for free and see what it’s all about.

Create Your FREE Account Here

What’s In It For YOU…

Simply the same results I’m seeing should you decide to take action on the training. This is not for everyone though. If you think this is going to get you rich overnight, forget it.

You will be required to work for your success. There is no magic bullet that will bring in money with little work. But with a couple of hours per day, you can build up a great source of income for the future.

I’ve seen so many programs that offer you overnight success, they are full of BS! Wealthy Affiliate is the only program I’ve come across that gives you everything you need to succeed. This includes a website that can be built for you in under 1 minute!

So, if you want similar results to what I’m getting, or even better, then create a FREE account and have a look at what it’s all about. If you think that it’s not for you, simply move on. You won’t have to enter you credit card details or anything else. Just an email address to get started.

So, let’s make money!