Before you enter your journey into affiliate marketing, do some due dillegence. There’s quite a bit involved that you should be aware of. That’s not to say it’s too difficult, anyone can be a master of affiliate marketing if you apply yourself. I’m more talking about your setup in terms of affiliate marketing and website hosting, domains and other factors.

It may be, that you get a little down the track and realize that you found a better hosting option, or a platform that offers more than just one resource that’s required to enter this foray. Afterall, you will have enough on your plate learning the craft of the affiliate marketing world. You don’t need to be bogged down with learning how to change hosts or transfer domains.

affiliate marketing and website hosting

What To Consider When Purchasing a Domain Name

Is there anything that could be affected down the track if you just go to Godaddy or Hostgator to purchase a domain name? Well, possibly yes.

There’s a few school’s of thought when it comes to buying your domain name. Mostly, should you get it from the same place that your will have your domain name hosted. Many people think no, they don’t want the same company to have total control of both. This may just be a personal thing but other implication may arise like security.

It could be possible that a hosting company gets hacked. If your host company has total access to your domain also, so will the hackers. I suspect this is fairly rare but it is a consideration to be aware of.

In future you may find you hosting provider to be slow, or you’re not happy with their support. You may find the control panel where you can tinker with things, is not to your liking. There can be many reasons why a hosting company is not up to scratch and therefore, you decide to transfer your domain. This can be another issue.

Hosting providers like to hold onto the domain you bought from them for a period of time, often this can be up to 6 months. You may have bought it for 12 months, so after the initial 6 months you can transfer it to a new host. So look into this before you buy, it will be worth a few days due dilligence.

Choose a Host That Goes The Extra Mile

There are a few popular hosting companies out there that everyone reccomends. They’re always the obvious one’s that come up first in search engines. Ever heard of these: Hostgator, Bluehost, Godaddy, Inmotion etc. Thery are all the most commonly recommended hosting companies because they are cheap.

This is fine if you are just tinkering around with a website to show off to your family. You cannot however run a business from these cheaper options for one reason alone. Speed!

You see the reason they are so cheap, is because your website is on a shared allocated space for hosting. This can be shared with anywhere between 25 to 15,000 other domains, depending on the provider and the nature of the accounts. Now some of these hosts have better hardware and can cope with shared domains well, others you will find are exceptionally slow on a sporadic basis.

If you’re after some better shared alternatives to the more common hosting providers, try Cloudways or Closte. The reviews of these are exceptional. I can offer a better all round solution, but I’ll come to that in a minute.

affiliate marketing and website hosting

Will Your Host Backup Your Website?

Yes your host will backup your website, for an extra cost! Well maybe not all hosting providers chage extra but a proportion do. I used to be hosted with Bluehost which would NOT do automatic backups. I paid extra for their ‘Backup Pro’ addon. This was an extra $35.88 per year.

For this I received daily, weekly and monthly backups. If I didn’t have it I could lose all the hard work I’d put into my website. The alternative solution was to setup a backup through their Control Panel that was to be sent to a local device. It does surprise me that in 2018 and beyond, we still have to pay extra to have our websites backed up.

So Where Does Affiliate Marketing Come Into Play?

Well, after using other hosting providers and tinkering around on websites for 3-4 years, I decided to join a program to learn how to educate myself in affiliate marketing. Firstlt I’m lucky that I jined the correct program and didn’t get scammed. Secondly, I was astounded that I could get my websites hosted within the program, with much better hosting than any of the big names.

In fact check this out:

  • Highly optimized and simplified hosting platformaffiliate marketing and website
  • The ability to MOVE websites from one domain to another
  • The Ability to fire up FREE Websites on demand
  • Full Redundancy (100% backed-up to the minute)
  • The latest and greatest hosting technology (websites are always hosted on the highest powered servers available)
  • Automated recovery processes
  • Personal website monitoring and maintenance
  • Removal of “rogue” plugins and themes
  • Comment spam management and behavioural assessment (so you don’t even get the spam in the first place)
  • Website integrity updates that continually improve how your WordPress sites function, based on the latest version of WP

If this is compared to industry comparisons, the price of the Premium Membership is 3 times less! And another thing, the support of those more common providers if far less superior.

So not only do I learn how affiliate marketing works and all the best practices of SEO, but I also get the highest quality hosting platform. You can take a peek here.


So whether you decide to buy your domain through your hosting provider or not, which I believe that it doesn’t really matter, the main concern is to get your host right in the first place.

There are multitudes of hosting companies out there, and a lot of the newer ones coming out have more to offer than the big boys. It’s not all about cost, although you will get a better service if you pay more. In saying that, I get much better hosting at Wealthy Affiliate than other, more expnsive options.

Do some duediligence and shop around. Get an excel spreadsheet going and column all the pros and cons for each provider. This way you can come up with a clear and consise plan of attack.

Don’t be swayed by shiny object sindrome, fancy tricks can yeild you in. Be mindful of what you need and what you don’t. You’ll be much better off with a week of Googling and coming out with the correct pathway for yourself.

You won’t regret it.

You're A Clever Cookie!

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