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Overall Ranking: 65/100
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What Is Amazon Associates?

Firstly let me explain the difference between Amazon and Amazon Associates.

Do you want to buy a product from Amazon? Go to

Do you want to sell Amazon products to others? Join Amazon Associates.

So you’re simply becoming an Amazon affiliate, and selling on behalf of Amazon and their partner sellers.

Amazon Associates is basically a conduit between sellers and buyers, with you becoming the middleman to sell products from your website. Amazon as we know, are one of the largest sales websites on the internet. Their sellers require extra help to sell products via individual websites. This is a great opportunity for affiliate marketers to earn commissions.

Let’s find out more about Amazon Associates, and how to become an Amazon affiliate.

Is Amazon Associates Program A Scam?

Amazon Associates is certainly not a scam. How could one of the most recognizable companies in the world be a scam? No, Amazon Associates is a legitimate opportunity for affiliate marketers. However, they do have some shortcomings which I will list below.

Where Can They Improve?

I believe every product out there can improve in some way, Amazon is no different. Here’s some of the things I’d like to see revised.

  • Commission are much smaller than many other affiliate programs. Generally 4.0%-9.0%.
  • Referral Cookies are only 24hrs. This means that if someone clicks on your link to the product, they have to buy within 24 hours for you to receive a commission. Most affiliate programs offer 30-60 day referral cookies.
  • No recurring commissions. This means that each sale is a one off so you will only receive the commission once per sale. Some affiliate programs offer recurring commissions so you get paid monthly or annually on a recurring basis. These are generally for membership affiliate sites however.

These factors are a big let down and the main reason behind my rating. Although I don’t expect recurring sales with Amazon products.

Even if they had a 5 day referral cookie, that would give people time to contemplate buying a product. Many people like to discuss finances with their other halves before going ahead and purchasing a product. So if they leave it 30 hours, come back and buy the product, bang goes my commission!

I also believe that commissions are too low and should be more around the 10%-15% for the initial product sold. In my view Amazon Associates are benefiting from their huge name in the industry. Of course that’s their right, but a little more incentive to affiliates may go a long way to gaining more customers for themselves.

amazon associates program review

How Amazon Associates Can Help You?

Now let’s go through the benefits of why Amazon Associates has become the first go-to place to earn affiliate commissions.

  • Step by Step instructions. Probably the main reason why they are so successful. Website owners with little knowledge of inserting affiliate links or banners will have no trouble following Amazons instructions. By the way, if you need help inserting affiliate links, send me an email at
  • Registration and account details are simple to get started. Other programs can make you fill out multiple forms and have you meet certain requirements before you can become a partner with them.
  • Full Site Coverage. What do I mean by this? Although there’s only a 24 hour cookie, if you do get a referral that purchases a product, you get commission on all items that they buy! They may get taken to the Amazon store through your affiliate link, then buy 5-10 items. You recieve commission on all those items. Yeah!
  • Trust is a big issue when buying online, and people trust Amazon. The Amazon name is now a household name.  Amazon now sells as much as it’s 12 biggest competitors combined.
  • Amazon has a huge range of products, hence the reason people buy multiple products when they visit. When advertising the huge range of products through Amazon, you can do full page reviews to help your visitors make a decision whether to buy.
  • The aStore. This is where you can create your own store front and embed it into one of your website pages. The store can be created through Amazon Associates website, choose your products or product categories, save it and Amazon will give you a code. Place this code into your website post (Text tab not Visual tab) and your store will pop up, simple as that.

amazon associates program review


So as you can see, there are many benefits to Amazon Associates that probably outweigh the negatives. In fact for anybody starting out in affiliate marketing, I’d recommend this as your first point of call. If you can generate enough traffic to your website, you will make sales through Amazon.

If nothing else, you will learn a lot about the affiliate marketing process and how affiliate linking works on your website.

To sign up, go to the ‘Amazon Associates Login‘ page and fill out the registration form.

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Have you used Amazon Associates? Have you had good or bad experiences? I’d love to hear from you. Make a comment below and let us know if it worked for you.

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