I know what it’s like when starting out with a website. You’d like to make money from the internet, but to begin with, you seem to be paying out for tools required to advance your small business. And without the Best Free Website Tools is harder to progress in the right direction.

I’ve searched the internet for the many free website tools and have listed them below.

Some of these programs will require registering, others will not. You may just be able to register via social media.

I hope this helps you out for beginning your online journey.

Free Website

Best Free Website Tools wa logoWealthy Affiliate

The easiest way to create a website ever. Wealthy Affiliate is free to join and they have a simple 4 step process to build you a website on the spot. Watch below as I build a website in under 1 minute.

It’s as simple as that. To sign up for a free account and get started today, click JOIN TODAY.

Free Photos

Best Free Website Tools photopinPhotoPin 

PhotoPin is making it easier to grab a photo from Flickr, and add it to your website. If you don’t already know, using photo’s from Flickr is acceptable, but only certain ones. You need to use the photo’s under the ‘Creative Commons’ tag. Using photo’s in this section, also require you to attribute the photo to the owner, on your website.

This is where PhotoPin makes it simple. Enter a description of the sort of photo you are looking for into the search bar, and only photo’s from Flickr’s ‘Creative Common’ section will be shown. You will be given an option of which photo size you’d like to download. A attribution link is also shown for you to copy & paste under your photo or at the bottom of your web page.

One thing to be aware of, is that the first 2 rows of search results are ‘Sponsored’ images from Shutterstock. These are not free images so choose below the first 2 lines.


Best Free Website Tools online photo makerOnline Logo Maker

Everyone needs a logo for their website eventually, this is where you can create a great one for free. Login can be achieved via social media or username & password. You’ll have a choice of various icons and text fonts. The editor will allow for effects, rotation and other features to make your design as unique as you’d like.

Best Free Website Tools biteableBiteable

Want to create a short video with educational power? Biteable will allow you to build a a video to show your customers what you are all about. 

It’s easy and free. You can download it for yourself, or embed the video from their servers straight to your website.

Best Free Website Tools da button factoryDa Button Factory

When you need to add a ‘Call To Action’ to a page on your website, it’s often desirable to have a button for your customers to click on. Da Button Factory make this extremely simple by allowing you to create your own custom designed buttons which are ready for download immediately.

There is no need for registration, just customise your button to your desired configurations, color, font, size etc. Once you’re happy with the design of your button, you have the option to download, save or embed it directly to your website. Simple, FREE and easy.



Best Free Website Tools go 2 convertGo2Convert

Sometimes you will find that your images are too large and need to be reduced in size. You may prefer to change format for another reason. Go2Convert is a free tool that allows you to convert your image to various different file formats. You will also have the option to choose an image quality between Good/Better/Best.  You may have the possibility  to resize your photo also, although when I’ve tried this, that option has not been available.

Best Free Website Tools image color pickerImageColorPicker.com

Need to find an exact color match for your image or website? Image Color Picker will let you upload an image, then pick a specific color on your image to display the HTML code, the RGB code and the HSV value for that color.

This is ideal for matching areas of colour for your website design, so that it doesn’t look amateurish by having 5 shades of blue for instance.

Checks & Tests

Best Free Website Tools gmetrixGTmetrix

From time to time you may need to test the speed of your website. There are a many websites that can do this, but I find GTmetrix accurate, simple to use and I like the explanations given for how to fix any issues with your speed analysis.

what is the best tool for keyword research bannerJaaxy

This a great tool for your checking your website page rankings. Jaaxy gives you the ability to type in your website address and a particular targeted keyword that you’ve used. It will than scour search engines including Google, Bing & Yahoo and give you an accurate estimation of where your page is ranked.

Jaaxy does require a fee to use but they do have a free trial version, where you can get 30 free keyword searches. To get a better idea of what Jaaxy is, go to my review page titled What Is The Best Tool For Keyword Research.

Best Free Website Tools optimizelyOptimizely

Ever wondered where your webpage is ranked in the search results? Optimizely will show you exactly where you pages rank for particular keywords. You can test up to six keywords at a time an have the results displayed instantly. 


Best Free Website Tools broken link checkerBroken Link Checker

There’s nothing worse than finding out that a hyperlink from your website to your landing page is no longer linking. There could be numerous reasons why a page is no longer linked but you do want to find out about it before you lose customers or affiliate conversions.

This Broken Link Checker will scan all your pages and notify you if any pages are no longer linking.

I would also encourage you to install a plugin to your WordPress website. Here’s a link to this plugin.

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