Broken Links Checker Tool – Why You Need One

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Why A Broken Links Checker Tool Is Necessary

One of the more frustrating things that can happen when you own a website is finding out that your links are not linking. What do I mean by this? Let me explain. As you build out your website, you’ll learn that you can add a link from one of your pages or posts to another page or post. You can also link text, or images for that matter, to other external website pages.

But what happens when you get a visitor who clicks on one of these links and it’s not linked properly? I’ll tell you what happens. You will get a blank page that says ‘404 Error’. Now unless you have a redirect set-up to head them back to your website, those visitors will be going elsewhere. This is not what you want, obviously.

So how do you know if a link is broken or not? Easy, install a broken links checker tool plugin to check if all our links are working correctly. There are a number of good plugins out there that you can use for this. I’ll show you the one I use, and how to use it.

Broken Link Checker

When I go searching for a plugin to use, I generally look for the amount of times the plugin has been downloaded and check out the reviews. As you can see in the image to the right, this plugin has been downloaded over 3,500,000 times. That in itself says it’s worth using, along with the fact it’s given a rating of 4.2 stars out of 5.


The main purpose of this plugin is to scan your posts, pages, comments and any other relevant sections of your website that have links associated to them, including an option for custom fields also. Any of these options can be adjusted in the setting section.

Here you also have the choice of setting checks for your blog roll, layout and projects. There’s even a check box section for your post statuses. For example, Published/Draft/Schedule/Pending or Private posts. 

The Settings section will allow for checking various types of links, such as HTML or embedded  YouTube Video links. These options are turned on by default but there’s also a list of various other options for more advanced users.

There’s also some other settings that come in very handy.  There’s the option for having an email sent to you when the plugin picks up the broken links. The frequency of the emails is dictated by how often the Broken Link Checker plugin checks your links.  This is also another very simple option. Apart from these settings there are more advanced options. Click on each image below to enlarge.

It’s advisable to have email notifications sent to you so that they can be amended immediately. You really don’t want unlinked posts on your website. Unlinked pages or posts affects your SEO ranking also. So try to keep on top of your links, it will be to your advantage. When you get an email notification, login to your website, go to Tools>Broken Links.

This is where you’ll find all your broken links like in the image below. Underneath each link you will see the editing tools when you hover over each individual link. Find the correct link you are after and amend it to suit. Click on ‘Recheck’ once it’s done. If it’s fine, a green ‘OK’ will appear, then click ‘Dismiss’ and you are finished. Your broken link is now fixed.

broken links checker tool


Do not come up short when it comes to maintenance of your website. Yes, we want to keep adding content, making it look pretty and adding our affiliate links. But if your links don’t connect and your visitors get a 404 error page, they will go elsewhere and not return. Maintenance is not that difficult when there are great little plugins like this one. Here’s another link for you. Would you like to know My 6 Essential Free Plugins? Click on the link to find out. Please feel free to make a comment about ‘Broken Link Checker’. Have you used it before? Do you have a better option? Go ahead, make my day, make a comment!

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