The simple answer to this common question ‘can affiliate marketing make money‘, is yes, but you will need to work harder than you think to make it your regular income. It happens so frequently, people getting all excited about the prospect that affiliate marketing will be the saviour to their current situation.

Whether you’re unemployed, despise your job or want a career change, the decision to approach affiliate marketing should not be taken lightly.can affiliate marketing make money

However, having said that, for those people who are unsure whether they have what it takes to create a profitable website through affiliate marketing, you are never going to know unless you give it a shot. Take it from me, there are less smarter people than you, that have formed a career for themselves through affiliate marketing.

I know people who have finished a degree in engineering, who are now earning a living doing just that. They work 8-10 hours a day in civil engineering earning between 60K-80k.

I also know somebody that has failed a degree but earns a similar amount, working 4-6 hours a day in affiliate marketing. Some days he does 2 hours work, depending how he feels that day! I know what you’d prefer to be doing!

What’s The Correct Approach to Affiliate Marketing?

You may be thinking ‘what is the secret to affiliate marketing‘. Let’s be honest here, there is no secret. Ok, maybe there is one secret, and that is to keep focus and don’t give up. Not really a secret though is it?

But don’t be deterred, many people have made a success of affiliate marketing and with more and more people buying items online, there is still so much potential for success in this area of online sales.

The basic process, as I’ve explained in other articles, is to be the middleman when selling a product. Not your product, the product of another company. I will tell you the correct approach to affiliate marketing, but let me first explain something.

You may find that you start a website, add a few affiliate links to your website but you just can’t get traffic. After 2-3 months you realise that traffic is too hard and you give it away.

This is one of the most common reasons people fail. They are too impatient. For a successful website to thrive, Google needs to see you adding fresh content all the time.

When I say all the time, I mean on a regular basis. This may be 2 to 3 times per week. Unfortunately once per months isn’t going to cut it. That’s not regular.

can affiliate marketing make money focus

So the correct approach to affiliate marketing, and the secret I suppose, is getting your website ranked in Google by adding fresh, valuable, engaging content regularly.  Yes there are many other factors that come into play, like SEO (which includes regular content), social media, keywords etc.

But the main factor in building a website that you can affiliate market to, is creating great content on a regular basis.

The idea is to get visitors, and visitors don’t just want to see affiliate links. They come to a website to find information, valuable information. You need to provide solutions to their problems, as this is usually what people are searching for.

Do I Create a Website?

You cannot be a successful affiliate marketer without a website.

If you’ve visited my website before, you’ll know by now, that I am a big fan of Wealthy Affiliate. Not only do they provide the best training in the industry to become an affiliate marketer, they also provide the best website builder for affiliate marketers to get you started. 2 free websites in fact, and about 50 websites if you are a premium member.

It may not be as easy to create an income through affiliate marketing as it used to be, due to a few factors like, Google changing their algorithms. They do this so that people can’t just create a website and stuff it with common keywords and affiliate links. You now have to actually provide some value to your audience as I described earlier.

Having said that, the opportunities are still endless with so many companies now offering affiliate partners good commissions. The fact that there are over 2 billions internet users in the world now is a great indication of how widespread your audience is. The proportion of product buyers online out of that figure, is enormous.

So get this right, and you could be on your way to a great little business.

The next step to get you started with Wealthy Affiliate is to either got straight to their website to sign up, or check out my recommendation page to find out who they are and what they provide.

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