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Clickworker Review – An Introduction

We’ve all heard of Freelancer and Elance, well, Clickworker is another freelance type agency that claims to help clients get their projects done efficiently, accurately and cheaply! The idea is that if a client has a large project, that involves various fields of expertise, the clickworker crowd will complete these various tasks simultaneously to complete the project.

Individuals can sign up to be part of the clickworker crowd, in other words become a freelancer for them. You will have to undertake an assessment test to find out what tasks you would be suitable for. Once this is complete, you will be sent an email each time a job comes up for you. Tasks or ‘micro jobs’ range from writing text content in various languages, including keyword integration, to web research, data management, surveys & feedback and data categorizing.

How Much Does Clickworker Pay?

Just enough for more beer!

When you initially join up you will notice EURO 0.10c enter into your account after your assessment. This at least gets you started. From the many Clickworkers that I’ve followed, the average rate that you can earn is between $7-$12 per hour. It all depends on the type of work you are allocated and the time in which you can complete the job.

I’d be surprised if you ever  make enough money, to make this a full time career. You can however make some beer money or enough to cover a bill at the end of the month. It also depends on how serious you are when a job comes up. Get stuck in and you will make a few dollars. Oh, and you can get paid via Paypal. Below is Clickworker’s information video.

Is There Always Work Available?

Unfortunately No. This is one of the most common complaints about Clickworker.

The company is run out of Germany so there can be quite a bit of work in Europe and in various languages. They say that 25% of workers come from Germany, 25% from USA, 25% from other European countries and 25% from the rest of the world.

The work can be plentiful one day, and then very little for the next week. You also need to keep refreshing you page for the jobs to update, opportunities can be missed by not refreshing. Unfortunately this is one of the pitfalls of Clickworker, they do have a very large database of workers but maybe not enough clients to keep the work flowing.


  • As long as you have a computer, internet connection and a little experience in a particular field, money can be made.
  • Work your own hours
  • Many of the activities can be done in a short space of time


  • The work can dry up, and quite often it does.
  • The pay is not that great.
  • You can be waiting a long time for payment, depends on the client, not Clickworker.

Other Complaints

Some people have reported having their accounts closed once they earned a decent amount of money, I’d hope this is not a common occurrence but cannot confirm. No explanation was given for these accounts being closed. There’s also been reports of having spam texts sent, if you enter you mobile phone number into your account information.

However, let me also state that there are also many people very happy to earn their few dollars by doing these micro jobs.


Clickworker is not a scam site, however, you will not earn a bucket load of money either. If you have plenty of time to waste and would like to earn a few more dollars simply by utilising your PC at home, then this my be right up your street.

If you are willing to work constantly and keep on top of their jobs list, you will make a few dollars.


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If you’ve had an experience with Clickworker, let us know how you did. Any complaints or pleasantries can be submitted below.

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