Earning Money In Retirement

There are numerous reasons for retirees to consider working into their later years. It’s not always an attractive proposition but can often be a necessity. And yes, there is a simpler way to Earning Money In Retirement.

Many people get to a time in life where they realise that the governments pension is not going to be enough to live off, so a second income may be an option to replace the aged pension or supplement other incomes. Other retirees would like to continue working to keep their mind active.

Whatever the reason may be, you need to know that earning money in retirement is a very viable and achievable opportunity.

If you can create a passive income this will make things so much easier as it will be recurring.

Here’s a few different options how you can earn an income in retirement:

  1. Baby Sitting – Being an experienced person in life can also makes you a responsible person. For young parents these days, life is so full, and any time to go out for a night is priceless. Therefore, a responsible person for baby sitting is often in need. You can even charge a fee to look after your own grand children! It is work after all.  Don’t forget that parents, particularly working parents, can also need regular or one off babysitting help during the day.
  2. Writer – For more on this, check out my  article how to make money selling articles online

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  3. Tutor – It is possible to become a tutor if you have expertise in Maths, Science, English or Social Studies. You can even do tutoring from the comfort of your own home by doing it all online. You can do a Google search for ‘online tutor’ and numerous online tutoring results will be found. Once you find a site that you think will be suitable for you, enter your availability and expert subject and you should be right to go.
  4. Customer Service – Surprisingly enough, some companies offer customer service jobs from home if you have the right computer equipment. Obviously a fast internet connection is required, as are reasonably good computer skills.
  5. Sell Your Unused items – Ebay is the most commonly known website for selling items online. There are however, quite a few other options such as Gum Tree, Shopify, QuiBids or TopHatter. We all have items that have not been used for years, go through whatever you have that no longer gets used and sell them. This can make you some short term money but it won’t give you a recurring generated income. If you want to go a step further though, why not look at importing goods or coming up with your own T-shirt labels to sell.
  6. Become a consultant – After many years in the workforce, you could have built up a great network of contacts, why not use these ex colleagues to your advantage. If you have credentials in a specific industry, consulting could be a great way to generate income in retirement.
  7. Care for the Elderly – As opposed to baby sitting, you could instead help the very old retirees. This does not mean medical help but helping out with their mobility, providing their meals and housekeeping. They may also require transport to appointments. This can be a very rewarding post career venture, but again, don’t expect it to pay the earth.
  8. Create crafts – Just about everybody in the world has a hobby and for many of those, it’s craft creation. Why not turn this into an income stream. Jewellery, paintings, knitted dolls clothes, picture framing, cake creation. These are just some of the things that you see in small market stalls and could be a great idea to make money in your retirement. It will keep you amused during the working week and you sell them on weekends.
  9. Pet Sitting – Not only is pet sitting enjoyable for retirees, it’s also therapeutic. There are many families that need their pets looked after if they are at work, or especially if they are going on holiday. Putting your dogs or cats into kennels can cost a small fortune, you can offer one half or one third of the price, and look after them much better. For an extra cost you can add a grooming service. You can also offer a dog walking service on the side. If you get a good reputation at this it can become quite lucrative.
  10. Tour Guide – Not something that springs to mind for a retiree, but if you have good local knowledge on an area or historical  monument, this could provide you with a great part time job. You can pass on your extensive knowledge to others which will give you great reward.
  11. Blog -Something that has become a much more accessible option in the last 5-10 years, is the ability to create your own website. In years gone past the process was very difficult for new people wanting to create a website to try their hand at making money online. This is my favourite option for earning money in retirement as it can be done anywhere and the earning potential is limitless. If you want to know much more about how I got into this, go to my referral page at How To Extra Make Money at Home. I also have a page showing how easy it is to begin a website, its titled  Affiliate Marketing Training For Beginners.
  12. Planning your retirement is crucial these days so if you can look at all these options, and implement strategies to map out a direction for yourself, it will give you a great head start. Retirement is not something you want to worry about in your sleep so planning ahead is my advice.

I hope you found this article helpful, and if you have any comments or other suggestions, please leave a comment below.

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