So you’ve got your niche sorted, it’s your passion or vested interest that you would love to make your career. After all, a wonderful lifestyle can be achieved through selling affiliate products.

At some point you will realize that just selling Amazon products is not going to get you the lifestyle you desire. Those 5-7% commissions are fine if you’re selling expensive products but are they really going to bring in lucrative earnings when selling a $20 wrist band? I think not.

A different mindset is required, start to think recurring income and/or high commissions. Let’s first have a look at the recurring affiliate commission option.

Recurring Commission Affiliate Programs

To have a regular income on a recurring basis is the ultimate, but it can be a little tricky to achieve.

The majority of recurring commissions are through membership sites such as a gambling website, eg: Bet365.

Becoming a member of a teaching course such as Wealthy Affiliate is another type of recurring commission. For instance, if you click on the WA banner below this article, become a member, and I will receive a commission on a monthly basis until you are no longer a signed up paying member.

As an affiliate marketer you put many hours of hard work into enticing your audience to buy a particular product. The end result of that hard work can vary depending on which type of commissions you receive.

For instance, a one off commission that pays you out $80 sounds great against a recurring commission worth $10. But as the recurring commission is paid monthly, one year later you’ve made $120 assuming that the purchaser is still with the program or membership they signed up with.

Recurring commissions are very popular as it means you do not need to start from scratch each month. If you start with 5 members then you already have that commission upon which to accumulate more. Your small business income will grow slowly but surely. A regular and growing recurring commission will be achieved successfully from your continued marketing efforts of the affiliate programs.

Let’s now check out the high end affiliate programs option.

High End Commission Affiliate Programs

A visitor to your website decides to buy a Hammacher Schlemmer Wine Cellar Management System for $4000. As an affiliate you receive the standard 8% commission. Bang – $320 straight to your account! Surely this is going to help you out more than the 8% commission on a $150 skateboard through Amazon ($12 commission).

Sure, you have to find somebody that wants to buy an expensive product but this comes down to promoting your website to the correct audience.

There are many wealthy people out there so why not target them with unique gifts or services that are truly high end.

The person that has everything always wants more, and they want more unique. They are also prepared to pay.

High end affiliates can be found in every field of marketing from travel, gambling, cooking, jewelry, planes, the list goes on. Promote well and you will see great results.


So even though recurring affiliate programs are, in my opinion, the most beneficial type of affiliate revenue, do not discount using high end affiliate programs as their commissions can bring in some lucrative earnings.

Do not pigeon hole yourself, broaden you mind and use both types of commissions. There is no rule that suggests that only one type of commission is required. Get out there and promote. 


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