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So you’re wondering how to make extra money at home? Well, look no further. Wealthy Affiliate is the industry leader in teaching Affiliate Marketing.

Affiliate marketing is a wonderful way to earn some extra cash, without having the stress of inventory or stock levels of other business models. You will learn how to create a passive income online.

Does Affiliate Marketing Really Work?

Basically, an affiliate marketer is becoming the middle man in the sale of a product.

For instance, Amazon sells products. You have a website. You promote Amazon’s products on your website. If somebody clicks on your promotion of a product and makes a purchase, you will receive a commission from Amazon.

Does this sound too easy? Well – it is that easy!

Can We All Do This?

Absolutely. In fact what makes this process so great, is that I don’t even sell my own products. I give people valuable information about somebody else’s product, so they can make an informed decision for themselves. If they want to go ahead and buy after my review, great, I generate a commission.

The image to the right should give you a slightly more in depth view of the affiliate cycle.

If this sounds appealing to you, read on, I’ll help you get started.

How affiliate marketing works
Kyle and Carson from wealthy affiliate

How to Succeed At Affiliate Marketing?

Have you every wanted to build your own profitable website but just didn’t know where to start? I too was in this situation and got sidetracked by a few scams (of which there any many circling the internet). I somehow stumbled across Wealthy Affiliate and and have since learned so much about how this process all fits together.

These Guys Know The Secret to Wealth Creation!

Kyle & Carson are the entrepreneurs that created this community website, which is so much based around these 2 guys & members, all helping each other with the aim to earn money working online, independent of an employer.

If  a career change is something you’ve been contemplating, maybe you’re unemployed or even retired looking for extra income, then maybe the WA family is for you. Read on to find out why this is the best affiliate marketing program for beginners, along with the more experienced.

How Does Wealthy Affiliate Work?

Kyle and Carson teach everything! From choosing a niche for your website, obtaining a domain name and hosting provider (in which you can have your website hosted through WA if you like), learning WordPress (the largest and most common website platform available) choosing themes (the look of your site), to getting ranked by Google, using keywords and SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and so much more.

Kyle has meticulously crafted 100’s of tutorials from the absolute beginning to advanced tactics. So much work has gone into the courses and training videos, there is an awful lot to learn and these guys know their stuff.

No Crap or Un-achievable Goals

I want you to learn like I have. There is no crappy “You will make $30,000 per month forever” sales pitch here. Just an honest appraisal of where I’ve been, what I’ve tried and what works. You will learn exactly how to make extra money at home or on the road.

Building an on-line business is not a get rich quick scheme and it does take a fair amount of work. Although if you work hard enough at it to begin with, the fruits of your labour will show in the coming years. You could well get to the point where you only have to work about 10-20 hours a week maintaining your website.

Wealthy Affiliate course 1
my wealthy affiliate profile

A Community of Support at WA

As you can see to the left, this is my profile page at Wealth Affiliate. What you will notice is that Kyle had dropped by my profile page to leave a supportive message. Unlike many scams out there, where once you sign up so something, you are on your own. This is totally different.

The level of support you receive from other members is also amazing. Wealthy Affiliate has been running since 2005 and Kyle has confirmed to me that they have accumulated around 286,000 signed up members in that time to help you along.

Getting Involved in Discussions

Each member of Wealthy Affiliate is encouraged to take part in active discussion, in turn helping others. You can follow other members, just like you would on Facebook. If you need a question answered, just type it in the search box, it may have already been answered. Otherwise put the question to the WA community, it will be answered in minutes.

Each member, including Kyle and Carson have their own private message inbox. That’s the little grey envelope you see on my profile page at the top. This way you can send them a direct question for something specific.

What This Is Not!

This is not a get rich quick scheme, you will be required to work at your website to see the results that will take you to where you want to get to. Wealthy Affiliate can provide as much training and support as possible, you however need to implement their techniques and strategies to become a success.

What This Is!

One of the best affiliate marketing opportunities you will come across on the internet. Wealthy Affiliate is a far cry from other programs that guarantee you will make X amount of dollars in the first month and beyond. They know that if the correct training and coaching is provided, the rewards will flow for you, and in turn, you will stay as part of their community. If you’re after one of the best affiliate marketing programs on the internet, you’ve found it. And you can start for free.

So what is wealthy affiliate about

Start Your Wealthy Affiliate Journey Now

So How Much Does Wealthy Affiliate Cost?

Nothing! It’s FREE!

You can sign up to Wealthy Affiliate right no for $0. You will be given access to many of the areas that premium members have for a period of time. After this period you have the option to remain a free member, or go premium with all the bells and whistles. WA offer the best free affiliate marketing training out there. This is a great way to begin, you can then decide at a later date if this is right for you.

If you do decide that this community can benefit you greatly then premium membership is only $49 per month. Which is the cost of approximately half a cup of coffee per day. This is a very acceptable cost if you compare it to other on-line courses or a university which could be upwards of $15,000 per year.

It is also possible to make your costs back by referring others to their program, it’s only takes 3 referrals and you will be paying your way. They have a special bootcamp course to teach you how to do this. This is also a great way to learn how the affiliate marketing system all works.

Another thig to keep in mind, is the fact that you have access to multiple websites and hosting. The cost of running a website with hosting in general is going to cost you $200-300 dollars per year anyway. It’s possible to pay annualy at WA for just a little more than this, and you’ll receive somuch more..

Wealthy Affiliate cost
my wealthy affiliate keyword search

Keyword Search Tool

What good is learning keyword research – without a keyword research tool! Yep, part of the training at WA is based on keyword research and there is a in-built keyword search tool to help you find the ‘Low-Hanging-Fruit’.

As you can see in the image to the left, type in the keyword that you’d like to use and the results will appear. You’ll be given statistics for searches per month and estimated traffic per month. You can also see how much competition you will be up against.

Comparing this to Google’s keyword Planner, it’s miles ahead. You actually receive statistics that matter!

This is all extremely beneficial when it comes to researching your keywords, and it’s all included in the membership package. Free membership will give you 30 searches. Go premium and it’s unlimited.

Still Unsure How it All Works?

So, how easy is the process of affiliate marketing? The image below shows how simple the process really is. There are so many companies out there looking for people like you and I to sell their products. They give us links to add to our websites, if somebody then clicks on this link and buys from the companies website, we make a commission, simple as that. This is the basic process for how to make extra money at home or scale it up into a small business.

What isn’t so simple, is working with keywords, getting ranked on Google/Bing/Yahoo, finding images to use LEGALLY, writing content and using Social media to promote. All this is very involved and without an education you will be far stretched to bring in any sort of income.


Let Kyle Show You The Inside

Below is a video that Kyle has compiled to show you some of the benefits of Wealthy Affiliate.

Intro Video Capture

The Success Chart

WA Graph

Live Training

Another one of the extra benefits of the Wealthy Affiliate program, is the live training that you can join in every week. Jay (known as magistudios in the WA community), provides a live training event every Friday/Saturday (depending on where you are in the world).

How To Make Extra Money At Home live training

Live training at Wealthy Affiliate

Here you can join in and ask Jay a question during and after his presentation. This just goes to show how hands on the creators of Wealthy Affiliate are. It’s not all old irrelevant material, they provide live up to date training where you can get help immediately. Once the presentation is complete, it’s uploaded so you can watch it at your leisure.

Build A FREE WordPress Website In Under 30 Seconds!

Did you ever think you would be able to create you own website in under 30 seconds? No kidding!

Check out how easy it is below with the Wealthy Affiliate SiteRubix Builder.

Site Monitoring

In addition to your website with hosting, Wealthy Affiliate also monitors your site to keep it updated, relevant and secure.

Firstly,after you’ve created your website, you will be given 3 additional options that no other hosting will give you for FREE. This is known at SitePlus+.

How to make money working at home siteplus

I’m sure you’ve seen website’s that start with https, instead of http? This trailing ‘s’ denotes that the website is secure. Any website worth it’s weight in gold has this security. Through any other hosting provider, this will cost you hundrends of dollars extra. Through WA you just flick the switch to turn it on for $0!

SiteProtect is also added security by blocking all sorts of spam to hit your website. This inclusion along with extra Site Speed is crucial to visitors hitting your blog in the first place. And in this industry, traffic is everything.

Website Health and Analysis

In addition to the website builder and highlighted https security, the WA program will show you how healthy your website is and how to fix issues to keep your web pages indexed highly in the search engines (eg:Google). Below is an image of one of my websites that requires extra work. I know exactly where and how to implement changes to boost my SEO and rank accordingly.

Page Speed Insights

Another great feature that Wealthy Affiliate has recently incorporated into their program, is the extremely useful Page Speed Insights tool. This is linked to Google and will show you how fast or slow your pages and posts load on Mobile and Desktop.

As you can see in the image below, a traffic light will appear next to the page speed number indicating if your website loads fast (green), moderate (yellow) or slowley (red).

My Experience Before Joining WA – I Wanted A Better Lifestyle

Before I explain to you why Wealthy Affiliate is my No.1 recommendation, please allow me to give you a few possible comparisons to where you may be now, and where I was a few years ago.

In early 2010, my daughter, aged 5, was diagnosed with a medical condition known as Perthes disease. This is a rare hip disorder which placed her in and out of hospital and a wheel chair for over 2 years. We’ve been very lucky with her as her recovery has been remarkable and my wife and I appreciate that many other families go through all sorts of other hurdles in life that are much worse.

During this time however, it made me realise that work was not so important, apart from the obvious-money. I decided to evaluate how I want to spend my day to day life. Here are 5 things that I re-evaluated, and maybe you are in a similar boat.

  1. Do I enjoy my job? This is easy to answer for me. Whilst many people do enjoy their day job, I can’t say that I’m in that category. Maybe I should have studied harder at school and gained a well paid job. On the other hand, that still would not guarantee me happiness as I’m sure I’d be working long hours.
  2. Would I like to spend more time with my children? Absolutely I would. In fact I’m now able to pick up and drop off from school on a regular basis, I get to see too much of them!!
  3. Would I like to see more of my parents before they pass away? As much as I don’t want to think about the possibility of my parents passing, I know that once they pass 80, their health will deteriorate. So yes, of course I’d like to see more of them.
  4. Would I like to have the freedom of travelling? This has always been a passion of mine ever since I visited family in the UK in 1991. Unfortunately the cost of travelling stopped me doing more. I needed an extra income.
  5. Would I enjoy working at home? This one is a little more tricky, as I do like interaction with people, but I do also like my own company. My perfect scenario would be to work 2 days per week, for a company of my choosing, with people who’s company I enjoy, whilst running my own internet business at home the rest of the time.

It Took a While to Find The Right Training

It took me over 12 months until I found Wealthy Affiliate. I wish I found them earlier but I suppose I wouldn’t have had the experience of failure if I had. Is that a good thing? I believe it is. Most people fail a couple of times before they succeed. It’s all a learning process.

I came across a few scams which I signed up to but didn’t commit payment to. I got on their email mailing list and they kept sending me videos and tutorials about how they made millions and how I could do the same .

I almost committed to MOBE or MTTB, which I have now reviewed here as a complete scam. Actually my wife would never have allowed me to join their program due to the huge outlay.

I’m not sure exactly how I came across wealthy Affiliate but I’m so glad I did. I joined back in August of 2014 and I’m now well on my way to the lifestyle that I reassessed earlier.

A question I often get asked from friends now is ‘How Can I Make Money Working at Home‘. I’ve pointed a few of them in the direction of WA and some of them are now thriving.

If you’re in a similar position to what I was, you need a second income, you need to supplement your aged pension or just want a new hobby, I can’t stress enough how helpful WA have been for me and will be for you too. Read on below to find out just what is Wealthy Affiliate all about.

5 Things That Makes Wealthy Affiliate Stand Out From The Rest.

  1. You can try for the program free
  2. You can keep your free membership WA and your 2 free websites.
  3. The Community of help is the best with thousands of members active 24 hours.
  4. If you decide to go premium, there are no up-sells. The monthy cost stays the same. Don’t pay for extra incentives. Everything is included.
  5. They have an affiliate program that could take you to Las Vegas!

Wealthy Affiliate Course Overview


Awesome Online Community

Learn even more from the WA family

Your Own Niche

Choose your own starting point niche

Learn WordPress

The worlds most popular website platform

Ranked Content

How to create quality ranked content

Competition Keywords

Quick & easy creation of competition keyword lists

Earn Revenue

Discover the process to earning revenue online

Your Own Website

Build your very OWN website

Video Tutorials

Hundreds of video tutorials included

Certification Courses

Step by step guides to follow

Have a Peek at the Community Support

Click on this link to find out what happens when a question get’s asked at WA.

This link above takes you inside WA, have a look around whilst you’re there.

Did I mention it’s FREE to sign up!

Comments From Members With Their First Sales

How To Make Extra Money At Home How To Make Extra Money At Home

How To Make Extra Money At Home

There are alternative products around, but as this member found out, there’s nowhere quite like WA.

(Click on the image to be taken to the actual testimonial, it’s no bull!)

How To Make Extra Money At Home


Very rarely do you hear of Wealthy Affiliate complaints. Certainly not with the product they are providing. Of course every program or service can be improved, although I fail to see where this program can get much better.

The one complaint that has become apparent, is that the free membership is excluded from 7 countries. Those 7  countries are:

  • India
  • Bangladesh
  • Egypt
  • Nigeria
  • Pakistan
  • Philippines
  • Vietnam

The reason for exempting these countries from the free membership, is that a large amount of spam and fraud comes from these countries. To protect the WA community from a security perspective, these countries will only have access to the Premium membership at Wealthy Affiliate.

So if you are from one of these countries you can still join up as a premium member. Trust me, it’s worth the money.

Take action by clicking the button below


Truth be told, there is nothing else like Wealthy Affiliate out there. They even let you join up to see what its all about before spending a cent. You will be provided with starter training, 2 free websites and access to the full community for the first 7 days. You will find it fun and exciting to be building your own website with the potential to scale it up depending on how hard you work at it. I’m sure you’ll find that you are capable of a lot more than you thought.

If you join up with the FREE starter account, I’ll be in touch with you to say hello, give you a starting point where to begin and elaborate on my special bonus to you.

(This includes a 59% discount on your first months membership, that’s only $19 for your first month!)

If, within your first 7 days, you find that Wealthy Affiliate is not for you, that’s fine. You can walk away without paying anything. That’s right, you will not owe anyone anything.

As there is NO membership fee required, what have you got to lose!

Lastly, Why Wealthy Affiliate?

I’m fed up with seeing people just like myself getting scammed. Wealthy Affiliate is not a scam site.

I’m telling you now, why would I advertise a program or product and ruin MY REPUTATION, or MY OWN WEBSITE BRAND. I would not still be a member if I didn’t think it was the best out there.

You have nothing to lose by signing up at the My Wealthy Affiliate login page for free. I urge you to do so if you want to learn the craft of Affiliate Marketing in an open and honest way, and with all the training you could imagine. They really do provide the best online affiliate marketing resources.

I hope I’ve shed some light on what wealthy affiliate is about.

So if you’ve been searching for how to make extra money at home or just want to learn affiliate marketing, give yourself the best chance of success by joining up with WA.

If you have any comments or questions in regards to Wealthy Affiliate, let me know. Just fill in and submit a comment below.

Cheers and wealthy success to you.


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  1. James Harvey

    This was excellent to read.

    I have been trying to make income online for a while. No program I seem to join helps me out the way they said they would. Pyramid schemes etc you know how that goes.

    But I will give it one more chance and it looks like I’ll roll with WA. They’ve been around a while and have a large following. From reading this article it seems like a legitimate place to build a business online.

    Kyle and Carson seem like honest guys and the WA community has to follow suit.

    Will I see you on the inside if I join right now?

    • admin

      You sure will see me on the inside James. I’m an active community member and will offer you any help you need. If I cannot help with a specific issue, there’s thousands of other members that will. 

      Try setting up a free website and see what you think, it can’t hurt. If it’s not for you then simply move on but I’m sure you’ll see that no other program comes close to what WA have to offer.

  2. Darren

    Hi Nigel,

    Love the theme you’re using for your website by the way.

    Your post about Wealthy Affiliate is very encouraging. I’ve been wading through so many online money making scams and was almost losing hope of finding a training platform that actually offered something legitimate, something real. Hardly anyone offers a free trial either.

    I notice you mention a free trial for Wealthy Affiliate, which certainly makes me feel a lot more comfortable giving it a try. At least there’s no risk, unlike so many other programs out there.

    • admin