Why Create a Product Review?

Writing reveiws can be a crutial ingredient to starting a successful website. Think about it, if somebody wants to buy a product online, it’s so easy these days to look up a few reviews beforehand, just to make sure you are buying the correct thing. Writing reviews though is not as simple as reading the product description, re-wording it, and plonking it on a page with a couple of images.

There is a formula for how to review a product. It will not just take 15 minutes of your time.   Just like the website you are creating, it should take a fair amount of your time with care to make sure you’re giving the correct information.

I’ve compiled a list of tips that you can follow in order to create a great product review as follows:

How To Review a Product – Research

Option 1 – Obtaining the Product

It can become a very expensive exercise buying many products to review, for this reason the best course of action, is to ask for a free product! This my sound very forward but it can often work. Usually this works with more established websites that can prove a certain amount of traffic, but there is no harm in asking.

If a company has specific products that are not selling particularly well, they may be pleased to give you a free item so that you can review it. If this is the case, don’t feel obligated to give it a great review, you can only give your honest opinion. You can always say to a company that you’ll borrow the item for a week to try it out, review it and return it. If the company knows they will have the product returned, you will have more of a chance with this tactic.

When you have the item in you hands, go through any instructions and make note of anything that will make it stand out against competitors. Look at all the functions available and try them all out. You need to know this product intimately.

Option 2 – Without Obtaining Product

Check out as many thorough reviews as possible. This may sound pretty obvious but you’d be amazed the amount of people that look at one persons review and just reword it. This will get you nowhere and leave you with no credibility if 10 other expert reviews say the total opposite about the product.

It would be great if we could afford to buy every product that we review, but this cannot possibly be achieved. Therefore we must research a product as in depth as we possibly can to appreciate what it does, or what service it provides. 

This can be done by reviewing the actual product website itself, then looking up 5-10 really good comprehensive, unbiased reviews of that product. You do not need to be reading pages and pages of information but you will have to read enough to get an extensive grasp of the product.

Option 3 – No Physical Product

You may be asked to review a service rather than a product. If for instance you are reviewing a site that somebody thinks is a scam, see if the site has an initial free sign up, so you can check out as much of their service as possible. Take note of what extra benefits you will receive with different membership types.

Find out all you can including up sells, membership costs, type of support, training/coaching and anything else you see as a benefit, or not up to scratch. A good tip here is to begin to join up with their premium program. Before paying however, look for small tick boxes which indicate you may be signing up for extra payments. I’ve seen scammers using this tactic via Paypal.

The Product Review Layout

When writing out your review, come up with a brief list of important points about the product similar to this:

It doesn’t have to be exactly the same, you can add other options if you think they are relevant. This will become your template for all future reviews.

You don’t want to bore people with large blocks of text so break your content up into categories. Start with a section pertaining to the product description. Maybe have a section about the founder. Show the Pro’s & Cons of the service. Detail what they can expect to recieve with their membership. Show the upsells if any. Mention the types of people that this service would be for, newbies for example. Finally have a conclusion section giving your expert opinion.

A Benefit For All

Reviews can be a win-win for both you and your audience. Your visitors will appreciate the hard work you’ve gone to, in supplying them with great information, to let them make an informed decision about a product or service. In return you may get comments from you audience. These comments along with the great content will rise you up the Google rankings. The more reviews you do, the better you will become at it. Remember to be honest and thorough, this will give you good credibility.

Here are 2 of my reviews that you can base your ideas off. This is a guide only, Do Not copy the content as Google will see this as duplicate content and it will not get ranked. It’s also my work and I would not expect my visitors to be unethical.

Review 1 – What is Chris Farrell Membership

Review 2 – My Top Tier Business Review

Best of success in you endevours to write great reviews.

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