Getting Started With Your own Internet Business For FREE!

Ok, you think I’m kidding right. Well actually NO, I’m not.

You’ve come to this website for a reason, because you have been searching for exactly this, how to start an online business for free. This can be done even though most other folk out there will tell you that you first have to buy a domain name and a host. In the majority of cases, this is true. It’s the standard way to begin your online journey to success.

Firstly, you choose your niche topic that you will build a website around, you then buy a domain name through a domain registrar, and finally you find a hosting provider that will host you website. All this costs money though and for most people they are happy to pay this, as the start up costs are not all that much. For instance, a domain name will on average cost you about $10 per year and hosting roughly $100 per year.

However, there is a way to achieve this for FREE.

How To Start An Online Business For FREE – Surely There’s a Catch!

No! There is no catch.

Sure, if you want to learn even more than the free option is giving you, then you can pay more, but the initial free start up will give you 2 free websites, domain names and hosting included. You will also have access to a whole course of training. All this for FREE!.

As I’ve mentioned, there is no catch, everything is laid out, no upsells or extra costs. You do not even need to pass over your credit card details like other programs would expect you to do.

Ok, you’re now thinking that I’m talking bull right! Actually there is something you will need to bring to the table with you. Your own motivation, focus and determination. No successful website is achieved by fluke. If you want to build a successful online website, you will need to work at it. The program I will point you in the direction of, can only do so much with free tools and training, it’s up to you however, to apply the techniques required to create a great website business.

How To Start An Online Business For FREE

 Is Building a Website For Free Easy?

Building a website for free is easy, building a successful website is not.

As mentioned above, there is an amount of hard work that has to go into your website for you to become successful. There is so much room in this world for millions of successful websites and I want you to have one of them. Success doesn’t come easy though, you need to learn about keyword research (for your website to get ranked), Google Analytics, content writing, email marketing and so much more.

Once you have the backbone of your website in place though, all you need to do is maintain it by creating great content, 1-4 times per week. Your website will be the foundation of your business so treat it like an investment and don’t lose focus. Be determined and you will be a success.

You do need somewhere to begin though and I can point you in the right direction that will give you a great head start, with how to start an online business for FREE!

So, How To Start An Online Business For FREE!

We all need somebody to hold our hand at the beginning of a new venture and these guys are the best at doing just that. There’s no point getting a domain name and a website set up if you don’t have the best resources to help you.

The guys I’m about to introduce you to will not only provide you with a free website, two free websites in fact, they will also start you off with their first course in affiliate marketing. As I mentioned at the start of this article, you do not even need to hand over credit card details. I know of other programs that want you to start for $1, this way you need to supply your paypal or credit card details which I really dislike.

With this program, you will also have a whole community of support and thousands of members that you can ask a question to if you need help with a topic.

I’m not advocating that you sign up to their premium membership here, as this is an article explaining where to get your business started for free. They do however have a premium membership that will give you many other courses and full community support for as long as you are a member.

How To Start An Online Business For FREE


OK, So Who Are These Guys?

Wealthy Affiliate are the best in the industry at teaching affiliate marketing, and this is where you can get your free online business started. You can find out more on my recommendation page titled How To Make Extra Money At Home.

This is the place that I learnt how to create this website and I couldn’t have done it without all the training they have provided me. I even intend to create more websites implementing the same techniques that they have taught me.

All courses are text and video based which is extremely helpful if you prefer one or the other.

So to read more about Wealthy Affiliate, click below on the red button.

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For learning how to improve your writing, go here How To Improve Your Website Content Writing

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Wealthy Success to you!


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