Let me begin by asking you a question. Do you wish you could find something that you really enjoy, and make it your online career?

Many people would answer yes to this question but very few would accept that it is possible. Why? Because they are either too scared to change due to financial reasons, or they are not sure they know enough about their passion to make a career out of it.

That doesn’t stop a lot of us trying though. I bet you’ve search all sorts of terms on the internet, looking for a way to create wealth online. If you could just get that start, working away at it whilst still in your day job. Hoping one day that you will be able to generate enough of an income to make it your career.

I know how frustrating it can be when you keep coming up with ‘scam‘ after ‘scam‘, ‘get rich quick scheme‘ after ‘get rich quick scheme‘. This type of opportunity is not going to get you that online business venture that you are after.

So where to now? Can affiliate marketing make money? Can this online career really be achieved?

Well I’m here to tell you that it can be done. What you are searching for is totally reasonable, I was in exactly the same situation until I found where to turn.

Now it doesn’t matter if you’re looking for online income opportunities India, Australia, U.S or Africa. If you set up an online career, it spans the globe. There is not limit to your reach. That’s the great thing about the online world theses days, you can reach anybody.

Do You Dislike Your Job!

How To Succeed Working At Home sketchLike most people when growing up, I followed my parents, assuming that the normal process of life, is to get a stable job, a wife, kids and a dog! And that’s exactly what I did, and what most people do. The problem for me however, is that I don’t like my job.

Well actually, I wouldn’t like working for anybody else but myself. I want the freedom to leave the house/office for any reason, any time. I cannot get that working for an employer.

Now, you can’t just resign from your current day job to pursue other interests, where does your income come from? This may be a viable option for stay at home mums once their children are entering primary school, and who’s husbands earn a good income. What about the rest of us?

I’ve found the solution to my problem. Would you like to know the answer to this question, how to succeed working at home? I’d like to share my knowledge with you, so read on.

Maybe You Are Looking In The Wrong Direction

If you are still behind that desk after searching for an ‘out‘ for many years, then you’re searching in the wrong direction. There is something fundamentally wrong if you cannot get a start. It’s not your fault, but you need to be told where to find the light. You need to begin searching in the correct direction and I’m going to get you started.

You need to find a way to finance yourself, doing what you love to do. Can it be done? Absolutely!

How Can I Make Money From My Computer?

With no experience in any other fields of work apart from drafting (my day job), I found out that people are making money online. This sounded like an awesome idea to me, but first I had to work out how they did it. How on earth can money come into your bank account, just from owning a website.

After I worked out that affiliate marketing was the way money was being made online, I searched the internet for months trying to figure out how exactly it worked.

I started up a website and tried my best to create an income. I added affiliate banners and text links but after a whole year of trying, I gave the website away. I did make money out of the website which proved to me that this could be done. I made a whole $52 for a years work.

From then on I had the idea that trying the affiliate marketing business again would be a great option but my wife has seen me try this before without much success. I was concerned she’d be thinking ‘here we go again, another way of throwing money down the drain’.

I did however convince her, that if I find a reputable business that I can learn from online, and it was affordable, that it would be like doing University at home. I just needed to find a legitimate company that was affordable.

Finding The Solution

In September 2014, I finally found what I was looking for. There are a few companies out there that do want to help you succeed, but for each legitimate one, there are 10 that are just trying to grab your cash.

I found a program created by 2 guys that are intent on giving you as much information as required to be a success. The affiliate marketing world is so broad. The basics are the same but the implementation can be so different.How To Succeed Working At Home globe

The program I belong to is very community based. Over 280,000 people have passed through, and the majority stay as a member.

I dislike it when I cannot see a product or program before I pay any money. This is probably the reason I joined in the first place. It didn’t cost me a cent, and I was able to create 2 free websites with them to get started.

As it was, I already had a hosting account with another provider so this was not necessary for me. 2 free hosted websites is an awesome incentive to get you started though, and you do not even need to hand over any money or credit card details.

They rely on their product to do all the talking. Everyone starts off with a free membership, and if you believe in their training, it’s your call whether to become a premium member or not.

I believe strongly that the training will take me to great heights, I’m half way there now.

I pay $47US per month for the premium membership, which I consider my university fees.

The training is provided via videos and text tutorials. You can check out the first training course for free by registering for free here. This will show you exactly how the courses are provided.

If you would like to find more about my affiliate marketing solution, have a look over at my recommendation page. I’m sure you’ll agree, there are no better opportunities in this industry.

Succeeding OnlineHow To Succeed Working At Home desk

As I stated at the beginning, I want to show you how to succeed working at home. This program is working for me, I’m now about to create a second website about my passion, travel.

One thing to note, do not expect this to be easy. There is no system of ‘set and forget’. It doesn’t work that way. It’s all about creating a profitable website around a niche topic of your choosing.

So if your passion is dogs, you can build a thriving online business around this subject.

To begin with, I was up late at night, working on my website hours after my kids were in bed. It’s all worth it though, and I can see a business building.

The wonderful thing is, I’m now writing about my passions and I only work for an employer part time. I hope this to be reduced even more in the coming months/years.

Still interested? If you want to learn how to build a free affiliate website, click the red banner below to find out more.

I hope you succeed with an online business.



If you have a comment regarding this article, I’d be pleased to hear it. You may be able to help some of my readers.

For more information about where I learnt affiliate marketing, go to my article titled How To Make Extra Money At Home.

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