For the new WordPress user, you will most likely be using the Visual tab area to place all your page and post content. This is logical as it is the default content area, and it’s also the way you will see your web page or post presented. It’s also known as WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get). But what if things don’t look exactly as you would like them? What if the image you want centered does not align centered, even though you’ve clicked the “Align center’ button? 

text editor tabWell I’m going to give you a few tips that may just help you out when things go a little skewed. Firstly I want you to familiarise yourself with the Text editor (or the HTML editor). For new users this can be a little daunting as you may see your content is a different format but this is where you can add small html tags to correct the look of your content.

What Is A Tag?

A tag is small piece of HTML code that surrounds the content you wish to modify. Tags look like this. Beginning tag=<> End tag=</>. Notice how the End tag has an ending slash between the brackets. Let’s go through some examples.

How To Center Content

If you have some text or an image that needs centering, simply switch to the ‘Text’ tab and enter the “<center>” tag before the text or image, and the end “</center>” tag at the end of the text or image. 

Example:  <center>This is my content that needs to be centered</center>.

This is my content that needs to be centered

Above is the end result that you’ve achieved by entering the example in the html text editor. 


How To Create Headings

Just as we did with the centering of an image or text, heading are surrounded with “H” tags. There are 6 various heading tags depending on the size. For the largest heading, us the <h1> tag. The heading I’ve used on this post are <h2> tags. So the above heading would be written like this “<h2>How To Create Headings</h2>

Adding Bold & Italics to Your Content

You know how to do this with the “B” button but have you ever wondered how you’d do it if you couldn’t find the bold “B” button? Try this <strong>Bold</strong>. Very easy when you know how. For italics you can use <em>Italics</em>. Em stands for adding Emphasis to your text.

How To Create A List in HTML

Lists can be done one of 2 ways. You can have an ordered list which comprises a list by number. Or an unordered list which is a bullet point list. The tage for an ordered list is <ol>. As you’d expect, an unordered list is <ul>. Inside these tags would be your list surrounded by the list tag <li>

An example of a numbered list would be:


The result being below.

  1. dog
  2. cat
  3. tiger

Other Types of Tags

HTML comprises many types of tags. Other common tags that can help you out are as follows:

<table> For creating tables.
<th> Table headers
<td> Table data.
<p> Paragraph
<br> or <br /> Line Break
<div> Divided area.
<iframe> Embedding other documents such as a YouTube video.

For a complete list of tags and a great resource for learning html code, Visit

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