The first point I need to make here, is that an online business is not only achievable, but becoming more and more common. Numerous people these days are becoming disenchanted with working for an employer, and therefore want to start their own online business. Live online business training video’s can boost your knowledge in this regard, and in quick time.

Another major reason for the growth in personal online businesses, is time. Or should I say, lack of it. In the current era people apparently lack the spare time needed to create an online business. This also coupled with the rate of inflation has made it necessary for dual incomes.

I’m sure we all know of families where both parents are working full time hours, resulting in having to put their children in before and/or after school care. Maybe this is you!

This lack of interaction with family is not what we were expecting when we made the decision to bring kids into the world, so what are the options.

Not everyone puts up with this. There is another option for those with a bit of motivation to escape the current grind.

The Business

I won’t go into too much detail about the actual business process here, as I have other articles outlining how this can be done. Such as to say that if you create a website that is engaging, full of valuable content and helps people solve issues, you will be on your way to a successful online career.

For the best training on how you can get started with an online business, click on my post titled ‘How To Make Extra Money At Home‘.

Here’s the Live training Bit!live online business training

As I’ve stated before, Wealthy Affiliate is how I began my online business, and I want to share with you 2 of the benefits of their program.

Live Online Business Training

Each Friday afternoon (U.S./Canada time), one of the guru’s within the Wealthy Affiliate family, conducts a live online business training session. It’s based on a different topic each week and runs for approximately 1+1/2 hours. 

Luckily for me in Australia, as we’re so far ahead of U.S. time, I can tune in at midday on Saturday!

The fellow taking the training, Jay, is one of the ambassadors at WA, and if full of knowledge in everything to do with running an online business.

If you are living elsewhere in the world, or you’re unable to to attend the the live training, that’s no problem at all, as each training session is recorded and uploaded to the Wealthy Affiliate website so you can watch it in your own time.

Here’s a snapshot of how the recorded sessions are laid out within WA.

live online business training

You are able to search through hundreds of theses live online business training recordings to find exactly what you are looking for.

I must encourage you to watch the training live though, as this will give you the opportunity to ask any questions you may have relating to that particular session. Jay sometimes takes questions during the training session, other times there is a Q & A discussion at the completion of the training.

Live Chatlive online business training chat

The ‘Live Chat’ within WA has been recently upgraded to be more dynamic. If you are ever in  need of a question being answered immediately, there are always members willing to help you out.

The image on the right shows the ‘Live Chat’ bar in the menu. If a green dot is displayed, this means a question has just been asked in the live chat room. 

This is where you can hop on to Wealthy Affiliate, type in your question. Any other members that are online at the same time will see this green dot appear. They can then open up the chat, see the question and help you out if they know the solution.

The Live Chat was upgraded in April 2015 to accommodate this feature, which has made it become a very popular feature within WA.

Thoughts and Conclusion

I must admit, I wasn’t really convinced about the Live Chat, until this new feature became available. I use it quite regularly now and together with the Live Video Classes, it’s an absolutely huge bonus that is incorporated into Wealthy Affiliate.

The ability to have a question answered immediately is extremely beneficial. But to also have live training sessions where you can ask an expert on the spot, is a precious advantage. You will not find many programs that offer this type of coaching, unless you pay well over the odds for a mentor.

If you’re interested and would like to read a full write-up on WA, go to my article titled How To Make Extra Money At Home.

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