Product Name: Overflow Cafe SEOOverflow Cafe
Owners: Jeff Hall
Price: $29 per month
Overall Ranking: 90/100
Support: Good

What Do Overflow Cafe Do?

Overflow Cafe SEO is the brainchild of Jeff Hall. He created this company with the intention of helping small businesses compete on the internet with SEO traffic flow techniques. He’s certainly succeeded with his business, as they now have well over 40,000 clients.

For many of us small businesses or individuals that have created fairly prosperous websites, something that can take our sites to the next level is extra SEO advancement. We can all learn the basics of on page SEO but often this needs boosting.

Overflow Cafe use search engine approved methods following strict quality control guidelines and protocols which provide stable results. Your website will be listed in multiple directories, major and minor search engines, business blogs & articles and a broad range of social networking sites.

All their work is done externally so you still have privacy to any content changes that you make.

One of the other major benefits of Jeff Hall’s company, is that they will also provide helpful advice for you to expand your website, not just do the external SEO that you are paying them for.
You will also still be in control of your website, unlike other SEO companies that will try to take over your site for you. You will have put a lot of hard work into your website and you don’t want others implementing unnecessary coding or extras (unless it will speed up your site or gain you more traffic).

Overflow Cafe search results

Is It Value For Money?

There are many companies out there that claim to provide a great SEO service, and I’m sure it’s true. They would not however, be able to provide what Overflow Cafe SEO provide, for a similar cost.

Most companies offering everything that Overflow Cafe do, will charge in excess of $70 per month, even up to $150 per month. To be able to provide it all for $29 per month make this company extremely marketable in itself. Other company’s that will be charging more money, are also the ones targeting larger businesses. If this is not you then why use them.

If you’re in the situation where you need external SEO integrated into your small business website to gain more traffic, Overflow Cafe SEO could well be the option you’re looking for.

Just like all other legitimate options out there, Overflow Cafe are honest enough to admit you will not have No.1 ranked page overnight. They understand that it is a partnership, and the successful clients will be the ones that work hard at their websites.

Even though Overflow Cafe are based in Toronto, Canada, you do not have to be based there yourself. Most of their clients are based close by, but they also have clients from 170 countries world wide.

Overflow Cafe


In my opinion Overflow Cafe offer what all other companies can offer in terms of SEO integration to help your business, they are however, the best priced option. Their understanding of small business is exactly the reason they do keep the prices down, they know more clients will come their way by doing this. The intimate knowledge of how small business works is also a big plus. My review gives them a huge tick.

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