Product: Pennies4ProfitsPennies 4 Profits Scam
Owner: Unknown
Price: $30 start up & $30 per month
Overall Ranking: 5/100
Support: Support Ticket (if they decide to get back)

What do Pennies 4 Profits Offer?

In short, you are paying to recieve leads from this company. Leads being the contact names (first and last), email address, IP address & a fresh factor date. This is to notify you how recent the contact details are. I suspect this ‘fresh factor date’ has been included due to complaints about redundant leads.

Apparently these leads are targeted towards the internet marketing and Businnes opportunity niches. I’m not too sure about that, knowing how they obtain these leads. I touch on that a bit further into my review.

You will notice quite a few good reviews about this product. Like a few other scams out there, they also have an affiliate program. This is a way for people to set up one page websites to promote Pennies 4 Profits and earn a little income. They don’t use the product themselves.

I have no problem with people using the affiliate program, as I also do affiliate marketing. However, the difference is that I will only promote products that I believe in, and that work.

In my view, I believe that this is a rip off and the actual leads they are generating for you are worthless. Hence the title of this article, ‘Pennies 4 Profits Scam’. Here’s why?

The Tell Tale Signs of a Scam

If you’ve ever heard of Twice Confirmed Traffic, they have many similarities to P4P, which has lead many people to assume it’s the same company under a different banner. Which I suspect it is.

Now I don’t know about you, but I am always very sceptical when I see a sales page say ‘only 4 spots left‘. That is what Pennies 4 profits are advertising on their sales page. They then go on to say that if you are not one of these 4 members, the price will rise to $1299 per year! Hardly worth calling themselves pennies 4 profits then is it?

Oh, and as you can see on the image to the right, the source of their leads is a secret. Well I’m pretty sure I know how they collected them.

Pennies 4 Profits Scam

Having known somebody in the industry, I know how a lot of these leads are obtained. People are paid to fill out their contact information. They are not generated by any way through subject interest.

So in no way are these leads going to be suited to your particular niche topic, which makes them worthless.

Comanies like this (yes, Pennies 4 Profits is not the only one around) just want information to sell. As long as they pay a lesser fee to gain new leads, they’ll make money by selling them on to their subscribers. If you are subscribed, they are yours to do as you please once they’ve been distributed.

What You Get For Your Money?

At $30 per month, this is quite an expensive set of leads to nowhere. In fact there is a $30 set up fee, what on earth they need to set up I don’t know. There’s nothing to set up. They receive your money, and send you out a list. 

So 12 months @ $30, +$30 set up fee, takes it to $390 for the year. For that you’d want to make sure they are great leads. (In fact I can show you how to own your own website, with a course showing how to set it up, for Free! Click the red button above to learn more).

So $60 to sign up and you’re on your way, 100 leads every 24 hours.

There is a refund policy but it does state that you need to request your refund within 24 hours of your initial purchase. That does not give you much time to assess the product you’re purchasing.

What Others Have To Say About Pennies 4 Profits.

Don’t just take my word that this is a scam, here’s a comment from another customer.

Pennies 4 Profits Scam

My Thoughts and Conclusion

Having bought leads before, I can assure you that leads that are non specific to your subject niche will not be beneficial.

From my point of view, I would be more inclined to work for your own leads. Making money through the internet is not as straight forward as many people think. The process is easy to get your head around but putting it into practice is very time consuming.

This also goes for generating your own genuine leads. Sure, you will receive 3000 leads per month with Pennies 4 Profits. The idea though, is to use these leads to get opt ins and sign ups, but if they have no relevance to your website or what you are trying to achieve, they are all dead leads.

So Where To Now?

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