So your have a great article that your want to write about, and your think it will rank highly in the search engines. Unfortunately, your need a few images to align with this incredible article but can’t find where to legally get them. Let me introduce your to SiteContent Images, where your can get royalty free website images to accompany your inspiring piece’s of content.

How Are Royalty Free Website Images So Easily Available?

In the past many web designers and bloggers have searched high & low looking for great images that will suit their web needs. This has been a bit of a struggle due to the fact larger stock image depository’s have paid photographers for most of the awesome high resolution photos. These companies then on-sell the images to users for a fairly hefty fee.

There’s also the option to download free images but attribution to the photographer is required. This is only fair, but takes away from what your website is trying to achieve.

Things have recently started to turn the other way, with many budding photographers happy to have their images out there and plenty of web owners pleased to oblige. We have a list of Free image websites but if your’re after a resource that incorporates all these free images into one brilliant platform, it’s hard to pass up Wealthy Affiliates Site Content Images.

Royalty Free Website Images

What Is Site Content Images

If your’re a regular visitor to this website, your’ll be aware that our website is hosted at Wealthy Affiliate. The reason for this, is the fact that the annual cost (or even the monthly cost) is approximately the same as a decent hosting platform. Yet the benefits of WA are astounding with extras such as Affiliate Marketing Certification Courses, Live Weekly Video Classes, HTTP Secure Hosting, domains that include Whois privacy, Keyword Research Tool and heaps more. You can read more about WA in my review titled How To Make Extra Money At Home.

Anyway, they also have a SiteContent area which allows your a dedicated space to write posts and save your website content. You can Publish direct to your website from this location. Any grammar and spelling can automatically be checked here as well.

A brand new feature to the SiteContent platform is SiteContent Images. You will never be stuck for royalty free website images ever again. With well over 1,000,000 free to use website images that your don’t need to attribute, this awesome ingredient is crucial to your ongoing success as a blogger or affiliate marketer.

No more searching multiple websites for that perfect image, simply use the search field, and multiple images from various creative commons websites will be displayed. These are high resolution, beautiful, completely free and Creative Commons ZERO (CC0). And they can all be accessed from a single icon.


How Do I Access The SiteContent Image Tool

Even though there is a free membership at Wealthy Affiliate, this SiteContent Image tool is only available to Premium members. But when your think about the annual fee of $359, and the fact it includes secure HTTP hosting for up to 50 websites plus multiple other benefits that I’ve stated earlier, the decision is a no-brainer!

As far as tutorials go, I’ll let Carson (One of the Founders of WA) explain how the SiteContent Images tool can be used. Click on this SiteContent link and your’ll be taken directly to the explanation page. The amount of work required to implement this tool into a platform like this is unprecedented. The addition of royalty free website images is a major boost to every Premium member at WA.

Royalty Free Website Images crop

How Adding Images Help Your Website Ranking

We all know that SEO is the cheapest way to gaining traffic to our websites. What your may or may not know is that images can help with SEO. Not only that, but it’s more pleasing to the eye if your break up slabs of text with splashes of color via a high resolution image.

By adding your keyword as the ‘Alt text label’ in your image, Google or other search engines will recognize this as SEO for the image your’ve chosen. This will help rank your article and hopefully boost it to your goal of page 1 for that keyword.

Make sure your image file name is also the same as your intended keyword. Together with the Alt Text label. Page Title and URL, your are a pretty high chance of ranking towards page 1 for a particular keyword.

Without traffic your cannot forge ahead with promoting your website to anyone, or indeed selling anything to make a buck! Adding images will enhance the look of your website and will help take your website to places of prosperity via your SEO efforts. Use them and the web will love your for it.


We’ve all been there, heading to one of the larger stock image websites (even though we’ve Googled ‘free images’ and it’s taken us to ‘istockphoto’ or similar paid image site). We search through and find the perfect image, only to find we have to pay $$ for it. Very frustrating!

Well now we have multiple free website options and the Wealthy Affiliate SiteContent Image tool brings them all together in one convenient place.

Yes your will have to sign up to the Premium version of WA but as I’ve stated earlier, it sure is worth it. But that is up to your to decide.

As far as the integration goes, I’ve created this article straight out of the Wealthy Affiliate SiteContent tool, it looks OK hey! Just for the sake of it, Royalty Free Website Images cropI’ve decided to add an image from searching for boats. I’ve then used the ‘crop’ integration. As your can see, there’s a circular crop option. I like this one.

So with over 1 million images to choose from, your can easily add Royalty Free Website Images and place them any ware on your blog post. You can crop, resize via drag, justify left, right or center, and add SEO relative information to these images.

So your have a choice, use our list of free image websites or go the smarter option and sign up with Wealthy Affiliate, build a website and add images until your heart is content.

Thanks for reading until the end, and happy image searching.




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