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Note: In some instances, I have my own affiliate link attached to these affiliate programs. The majority however, I do not. These affiliate links allow me to keep this site active and updated. It also helps me keep the site free of charge instead of paying a membership fee. Using this link will not affect the amount of commission paid to you from these programs whatsoever. The commission paid to me comes from the vendor, not from you. To ensure I keep this website updated, I kindly request that you use the links provided. Cheers


Travofy are a proud travel company that promote the best hotels within budget. Booking a hotel is very easy, simply enter your destination and your expected travel dates, and let their website fetch the best results for you where you can compare your accommodation prices.Affiliate program feature their creative, coupons, deals etc on your current promotional pages and best converting locations and get ready to earn some stunning returns!

Commissions: $20.00

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Website: Travofy

Joining the TripAdvisor Travel Affiliate Program enables you to partner with the world’s largest and most trusted travel community. You can earn additional revenue, and provide your users with access to 500+ million reviews or 500,000 city and hotel pages by leveraging the TripAdvisor brand. Earn 50% Commission with other incentive programs. Trip Advisor are continually adding products and promotions for you to earn commissions from.

Commissions: 50% – 80%

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Website: TripAdvisor

Africa Point is a leading travel site specialising in Africa travel. They offer individual Safaris, Beach Holidays, Hotels & Lodges, Car Rentals, Flights and Tours / Excursions. Their affiliate program was designed around a no-hassle, zero-risk approach, successfully maximizing the benefits to them, to you, and to those clients whom you refer beck to them. Simply stated, it is a Win/Win/Win situation! You will earn a commission for every sale they make through referrals from your site.

Commissions: 30% (up to $350 per referral).

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Website: africa point

Agoda’s massive inventory of hotels and growing private rentals ensures that your visitors will find their perfect accommodation. They’re constantly optimizing conversions, which means more of your traffic will turn to bookings – and payments. Agoda’s affiliate structure is tier based. Under 50 sales is their lowest tier and you still receive an awesome 35% commission. At the other end of the spectrum, refer over 1000 completed bookings in a month and earn a whopping 60%.

Commissions: 35% tier 1, up to 60%.

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Website: Agoda is a travel information service for frequent flyers and business travelers. They don’t sell tickets or book travel; instead provide access to in-depth flight/travel research that up until now was only available via travel agents and by calling the airline directly. Their target audience is those that fly often and care about value beyond the cost of the ticket (where they sit, if the fare is refundable, if they can use their miles to get a free/upgraded ticket, etc). They have one-of-a-kind features such as Flight Alerts (award/upgrade notifications) and Seat Alerts (free seat notifications).

Commissions: 50.00% Per Sale

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Website: Expert Flyer