For those inexperienced in website design you may not have any idea what a domain or a host is. You may be like I once was, in my 40’s and wanting a way out of my chosen career path. How could I possible get into affiliate marketing without knowing this –  what is a domain and host? Let me try to explain this to you in my terms.

The Domain Name

OK, this one is very simple. Let’s use this website as an example. My website name is ‘Affiliate Returns’. The actual website address that you would type in is ‘‘. This is my domain name.

The name of your website does not necessarily need to be the same as your domain but it does seem logical. Why would you have a domain name called ‘’ when the website is about antique cars?

What is a Domain and HostAnyway, a domain name is written into the browser window (Internet explorer or google chrome for instance) at the top. You will see either ‘http://www.’ or just ‘www.’ The domain name is typed in after this.


The most common domains end with ‘.com’. Each individual country also has their own suffix. For instance, an Australian website will have ‘’ following the domain. So this website would be ‘’. If it was a United Kingdom address it would be ‘’.

Here is a list of reserved suffix’s for domain names.

.com  –  For businesses and commercial enterprises; most companies use this extension.

.net  –  For networks; usually reserved for organizations such as Internet service providers

.edu  –  For educational institutions and universities

.org  –  For non-commercial organizations

.gov  –  Reserved for United States government agencies

.info  –  For informational sites

.jobs  –  For employment-related sites

.mobi  –  For sites related to mobile devices

.museum  –  For use by museums

.name  –  For use by individuals

.int  –  For organizations established by international treaties

.pro  –  For use by licensed professionals, such as physicians and attorneys

.tel  –  For services connecting the internet & phone networks

.mil  –  For the United States military

.travel  –  For travel-related services, like agents, hotels and airlines

These can also have the country suffix afterwards. For instance, an Australian government website would be ‘’.

Wikipedia have a full list of domain extensions, you can find that by clicking here.

Now, just because you have a domain name, doesn’t mean you have a website.


What is Hosting?

A host or hosting provider is a place where your website will be stored.

Many files are created when a website is built, and many pages and posts are being added all the time. This makes your website larger in data space, hence you need somewhere to store all this information.

This is where a hosting provider comes in. They can store many thousands of websites on their servers. Yours being one of them.

So to get a website up and running, this is the basic process you will go through.

1. Buy a domain name
2. Get a hosting provider (I would recommend Bluehost)
3. Set up your website through your hosting provider.

Below is a video explaining how you can install a WordPress website with Bluehost

If you decide that you want to use Bluehost, don’t worry if the look of their video is different to what it looks like now.

Since this video was created, the look of Bluehost has changed. The control panel is still the same, all features are still there, the fonts and icons are slightly different, that’s all.

You will now have a website to work with.

If you are new to building a website and want to learn everything there is to know about making money online, read my recommendation titled How To Make Extra Money At Home.

I hope you gained some knowledge from this post and if you have any comments, please leave them below.


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