Product: Clickbank Piratewhat is clickbank pirate
Owners: Soren Jordansen and Cindy Battye
Price: $67 Start up fee, $37 per month
Overall Ranking: 18/100
Support: Poor

There are many opportunities for making money online, and finding a legitimate one can be reasonably difficult. Clickbank Pirate is just another one that encourages people to promote the creators website, so what is Clickbank Pirate and how does it work?

Who Are The Inventors of Clickbank Pirate?

The owners of Clickbank Pirate are Soren Jordansen and Cindy Battye.

According to IM Wealth Builders About page, Soren is a Danish ex army officer who now lives in Cyprus running his internet marketing ventures. Cindy, after living in Cyprus for a year, returned home to Australia to continue her part of the business. Soren, Cindy and John Merrick (British living in Cyprus) together own IM Wealth Builders.

Under this banner they not only run Clickbank Pirate, they are also the owners of Covert Store Builder, Phantom Link Cloaker, Media Traffic Meltdown & Easy Downlines.

This makes me a little sceptical as they all have similar sales pages of how you can make lots of money on autopilot.

What is Clickbank Pirate?

The product itself is designed to generate you a commission, through promoting Clickbank Pirate itself. It is very similar to other products out there such as Get Weekly Paychecks, where you are basically buying a pre-made website, with the intention to convince others to sign up to CB Pirate through affiliate links.

The Website you are given, for your $67 start up & $37 monthly fee, is stacked with promotional material, and some downloads designed to capture the email address of a subscriber.

As many people working in this industry know, generating traffic is not as easy as it sounds, but this will be your primary job. With this in mind, I’d suggest that new people starting out in online marketing, to steer clear of this program.

what is clickbank pirate logo

What Do You get For Your Money?

As previously mentioned, you will receive a fairly basic, kitted out website, complete with promotional products for Clickbank Pirate. You will also receive an eBook and video tutorials explaining how the system operates.

Additionally, they have a selection of promotional give-away products. There’s a PDF download known as their ‘CBP Treasure Map’. This is just a PDF mentioning how much work there is setting up an auto-responder & follow up series.

They make it sound like a lot of work so that you purchase their ‘autopilot system’. Also known as a ‘turnkey’, ‘done for simpletons’ system!

In truth, setting up an auto-responder & follow up series can be done fairly easily. I did it when I was a newbie and it’s actually not that difficult.

You also receive PLR (Private Label Rights) articles. These are articles created by others, that you can use to give away free on your website. I’ve used these before and they don’t work.

The reason is that 500 people could be using the same article to give away. With these 500 people, all with duplicate content on their websites, you are not going to get ranked through the search engines.

You will also receive affiliate banners to add to your website.

What I Like About CB Pirate

I love the cartoon like images based around a pirate and his treasure chest. I must admit, it does grab your attention. Pillage and Plunder the web hey! Shame the product is not going to make you much money.

What I Dislike About CB Pirate

Even though I liked the colourful images, the sales page is a shocker! Let’s wave a few red flags that suggest this is a bit of a scam. Firstly, how legitimate do you think this is?

what is clickbank pirate quote

Seriously, if a company was going to hand you over a website that was going to make you this amount of money, on auto-pilot, just plug in and play, nothing else to do, don’t you think everyone would be doing it. And why would they create a website for you to do this? I’ll tell you why?

On face value, it looks as though you are paying for the work they’ve done building a website for you, and providing the auto-responder. When in fact they have 100’s of these websites, with similar content (duplicate content that won’t get ranked in search engines), simply set-up in no time.

You’re then promoting their website through yours. As I mentioned, you’re going to have to work really hard to promote this to get traffic.what is clickbank pirate speil

Now this one (to the right) is a ripper.  What a way to generate leads. Specially designed video’s to suck people in, to capture emails.

Unfortunately, many people do fall for these videos, only to realize later that generating $253,877.33 in less that 90 days is not realistic. But these are the type of levels some programs will go to, just to get a lead.

They keep mentioning how they want YOU to profit from all this. The sales page also shows images of accounts where the money has just flowed in, day after day.

I doubt this to be legit, but even if it is, it’s certainly not a real indication of actual average earnings from their members.

Another red flag is the use of the term – Auto-pilot. I really dislike this, there is no way of making money on the internet on auto-pilot. Sure, you can have a profitable  website built over many years to the point where you only have to add content every week or so to keep it ranked highly. But even this is not on Auto-pilot.

Oh, and one last red flag, I promise.

Every good scam has a ‘Only for a limited time’ offer. Here it is.

what is clickbank pirate

Having watched some YouTube videos in my research, I can tell you the price hasn’t changed in years! In fact check it right now, just out of interest, see if it’s the same price. If it has changed, leave me a comment at the bottom, I’d be extremely interested to know.

My Thoughts and Conclusion

As you’ve probably guessed by now, I don’t believe that this product is going to make you much money. In fact it wouldn’t surprise me if you are deliberately deposited a small sum of money by Clickbank Pirate, to have you think that you’ve earned it, and you’ll keep paying the monthly subscription, I can only speculate this though.

Having reviewed other similar programs, the sales page just seems corny and misleading. I’m sure people are making some money from this product but I’d be surprised if they are making a full time income.

The general affiliate marketing process is genuine, but the advertising of auto-pilot, plug and play, turnkey etc. is just not true. Every good website that earns affiliate commissions needs upkeep, maintenance and new content every week.

Private Label Rights material is also not a good idea as I’ve explained earlier.

In years gone by, you may have been able to do OK from a product like this. However, with Google’s algorithms these days, it’s harder to use other peoples content, and use duplicate website material to get ranked.

So my advice if you are considering this program, look out for something more legitimate.

Where To Now?

I’d image that you’ve been searching reviews for this program, because you’d like to learn how to build a website and earn money from it. Well you can certainly do this, and I know where you can learn it for free.

I learned from the best in the industry, and I have a page where you can read about it. It’s title How To Make Extra Money At Home? Be sure to check it out.


If you’ve had an experience with Clickbank Pirate or would like to make a comment either way, I’d be interested to hear from you. Just leave a comment below.

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