Product: Experts Academywhat is experts academy
Owner: Brendon Buchard
Price: $1,997
Overall Ranking: 43/100
Support: Fairly Good


This review is a little more unique, as I rate the program quite highly, I just wouldn’t recommend it for the price. So what is Experts Academy?

In a nutshell, the Experts Academy program teaches you how to create, promote and sell your own products. This is a very viable option to creating wealth on the internet and if your not scared off by the cost, then read the rest of my review.

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Who is behind Experts Academy?

Creating an online business takes a lot of hard work, there is no quick way to do it and Brendon Buchard, the creator of this program, is well aware of this. He tell’s it like it is, in his spiel, which is quite refreshing. That’s after his fluff bit about ‘I’m rich, you can do it too‘.

He is the #No.1 best selling author of Millionaire Messenger. Brendon also has a few other novels about inspiration and personel development, due to a near fatal car accident when he was 19.

The promo

To be honest, I found Brendon quite annoying in the promotional video, that doesn’t mean that he’s uneducated, he knows his stuff, his pazzazz just isn’t for me. He certainly has the gift of the gab! As the promo video goes for nearly an hour, I’ll break it down for you so that you don’t need to waste this valuable time. You really don’t want to sit through an hour of this!

There’s the usual, ‘Rag’s to riches‘ story, and ‘It took for me to be in a car crash to realise my potential‘ spiel. Brendon then talks about his ’10 Essentials For A Multi-million-Dollar Expert Empire’.What is Experts Academy

Like any other legitimate programs out there, a working system is required to succeed, and all the guru’s follow the same system. They may outline it slightly different but it’s generally the same system when becoming successful online. This is the way Brendon outlines his plan. Remember, this in only his promo spiel, it’s not actually teaching you anything (apart from some motivation to get you in).

  1. The Subject – As we all know in this industry, if you don’t have a niche or topic on which to base your online business around, there is no business. The easiest way in which to choose a subject, is to either go with what experience you possess, or what your passion is. So the first point of call is to find your niche topic.
  2. Stories & Experiences – To gain trust and credibility you must market yourself by sharing personal stories of your experiences and knowledge. You are trying to connect with your audience and if a visitor to you website has had a similar experience to you, they are instantly connected. They will then stay with you and find out more of what you have to say.
  3. The Strategy – Every great online business has a strategy to get where they are going. This website that you are reading now for instance, was created step by step, with keywords and rankings in mind. That’s how you found this page! All great online businesses need a website. In fact, if you’d like to know how to how to create a website for free in under 30 seconds, click here for more details
  4. Creating Saleable products – This is the process of creating something digital to sell to your audience. For example, an Ebook, video series, courses or DVD’s. This is an extra step than the affiliate marketing route, whereby you promote and sell other companies products.
  5. The Sales Process – This is where you get a bit more advanced and start collecting email addresses of people, so that you can email them products to sell in the future. This is done with the help of an auto responder. You know, when you sign up for something and then keep getting hassled to buy stuff afterwards. This is done via an email auto responder.
  6. Social Presence – Of course social media is hugely popular in this day and age, and with that comes promoting your business through all sources of social channels including Facebook, YouTube, Google+, Twitter, Pinterest and so many more. This is a crucial aspect to getting your brand out there.What is experts academy logo
  7. System & Structures – This is a combination of everything put together, without a system, structures and a process, there will be no website, not income and no success.
  8. Self Confidence – Brendon Buchard exudes confidence. Not everyone is like this but to a certain extent, you at least need confidence in what you are trying to achieve. If you are not confident in what you are doing, you are bound to fail, and many do. You need to have confidence in the products you are going to sell, if you don’t, it will show and nobody will buy. By the way, there is no point selling a bad product. Make to as good as you can, you’re selling your product to help people that need a solution to something, not to just to make a few bucks.
  9. Self Discipline – This in one of the biggest reasons people fail online. You are going to have to work hard at your online business. Success does not come easy, be prepared for long hours to begin with, it will get easier though. Focus and self discipline are very important.
  10. Service Mindset – You must get into the mindset that you’re providing a product or service to people, not just for quick money. This is why you need to choose a subject that is a passion or a subject that you know very well. You need to enjoy doing this venture you’re about to begin.

So that is a summery of what Brendon Buchard talks about in his promotional video. The video though is very long winded, I hope I’ve cut down the time for you.

What’s on The Inside?

Well not having spent $2000 on this product myself (I’m not sure who would), I haven’t explored everything that Experts Academy has to offer first hand. I have however read numerous reviews and can elaborate on the experiences of others.

Here’s what’s included for the cost.what is experts academy

  • 6 Weeks of online training courses
  • 5 Marketing Mastery Modules
  • Marketing Strategy Planning Session
  • 2 Tickets to a Live Event (No accommodation or travel included. Too bad if you live overseas!)
  • Your Own Blog
  • 20 DVD’s
  • Promotional Partnership Crash Course

They appear to be a fairly well organised operation, and for the right people, could possibly offer a good opportunity.

What Really Put Me Off This Proposition

I really dislike it when the sales pitch tells you how much of a bargain you are getting. For instance, the Marketing Mastery Modules that are included above, we are told has a value of $4,997, and the Marketing Strategy Planning session, valued at $10,000, Promotional Partnership Crash Course, $4,997.  Here’s a snippet of more bargains you are getting.

what is experts academy   I think it’s fairly obvious that these prices are way over the top and basically just made up to make you think your getting a great deal. I don’t like this sort of tactic, it’s generally what scammers do.

My Thoughts and Conclusion

If Experts Academy was not so expensive, I’m sure they would sign up a lot more ‘potential entrepreneurs’. The huge initial outlay for this program is deterring. The majority of people that want to start an online business or marketing website, firstly wants to dip their toe in the water. Check out all that the program has to offer for nothing. 

Creating and selling your own products is not for everyone. If you are intending to fork over the large fee to get started, be aware that this will be extreamly time consuming. It’s not affiliate marketing (selling other company’s products). You will be spending a hell of a lot of time creating a product to sell.

In my view this would be a huge gamble to hand over $2000 to start some training, without even being able to test the waters.

So Where To Now?

Many people looking for a way to start an online business would like to try a program out for FREE first. This is exactly what Wealthy Affiliate will offer you. In fact you can join up for free, and they will give you 2 free websites thrown in. There’s even a free training course. No credit card required and you can stay a free member for life if you want. For more information on this, click the button below.

If you’ve tried Experts Academy I’d be pleased to hear from you. Did you succeed and become profitable? Please leave a comment below.


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