Product: Founder Fly
Owner: Ryan Lee
Price: $19.95 per month ($1 for 3 day trial)
Overall Ranking: 62/100
Support: Forum Community


Introduction to Founder Fly

If you’ve found yourself searching for the perfect place to start up an internet marketing business and require training to get you there, Founder Fly claim they are the one’s to take you to the top with their training package. It’s a big claim as there’s quite a few programs offering to do the same, so what is Founder Fly and do they stack up? Let’s go through their system.

What’s on the Inside

In short, the inside of Founder Fly provides video based tutorials. The video’s provided at Founder Fly are very good but unfortunately they are limited. There are just over 40 modules which include a number of videos. Some of these modules only provide 1 video which is not nearly enough to learn all there is to know about affiliate marketing.

There are so many aspects that need consideration from website development, to setting up Google Analytics & Webmaster Tools, to creating your own videos, to social media, email marketing, writing contentkeyword research and so much more. Each of these topics require multiple tutorials and there are many other subjects involved if you want to be successful in this field. Below is a snap shot of their modules. These modules encompass a number of videos, quite often though, there is only one video.

What is Founder Fly modules


Founder Fly’s video’s are also not in any logical order. The modules & videos need to be laid out in the correct order for somebody to start the process from the beginning.

Some of these videos go for more than an hour, which is great as they can contain lots of information. On the other hand, many people can only process a certain amount of information at a time, so I find smaller running time video’s much easier to consume. Many other recordings at Founder Fly are only a few minutes long.

The one other thing to mention with the video’s, is that as they are done by guest speakers and there seems to be no consistency. It feels like you’re chopping and changing and not following a step by step guide.

what is founder fly forum

Founder Fly does have a pretty good community base support forum which I think is crucial when learning affiliate marketing. Sometimes you need other people to ask questions or just bounce ideas off. The support forum (shown above) could be a bit more expansive but is fairly adequate, especially for those that already have an understanding how the whole process works. There are many active members with a broad range of experience.

What I Liked With Founder Fly

No upsells, how very unique these days. I would not even call this a master stroke, it’s just plain honest. It’s considering your audience and not taking the piss out of them. Well done Founder Fly for selling a product and keeping it at one monthly cost.

Can Founder Fly be improved?

Absolutely it can. They have a very good base for a learning and coaching program , however they fall short in a few areas.

Founder fly is reasonably up to date. As mentioned earlier, some of their videos are over an hour long. This can be a bit of a problem if some of the techniques change. Maybe 5-10 minutes of the video needs changing, this is very hard to do without updating the whole video, so some video’s are still the original, dating back a few years. You must remember that the algorithms that Google uses for ranking websites is constantly changing, so the videos must stay up to date to provide new techniques.

I also think they could benefit by having a free sign up for a week. I dislike having to enter my payment details for a $1 sign up. If they are so confident that their product is the best out there, why not let the consumer try for free (like Wealthy Affiliate does) without having to hand over credit card details, or sign up through Clickbank before you buy.

As you can see in the image to the right, it says future payments will be billed in monthly payments, there is no option to remove this. This is a common tactic but I just wanted to make you aware of it before you pay your $1.

You may come across problems if you do not want to continue with your first monthly payment as it’s not an instantly achievable process to cancel through Clickbank. You need to enter a support request which may take up to 2 days to process. Too bad if you’re in your second free day of the trial!

In Conclusion

Well, if you are wondering if Founder Fly is a scam or not, I can say from my brief experience with them that it certainly is not a scam. They have well intentioned ideas and a community of support. I do feel though that they are not as advanced as other programs in this field, hence the price tag of $19.95pm which is reasonable for what they are offering.

The program does have great potential and if they continue to grow and add more relevant videos, could well be a good option in the future. Any new people starting out in affiliate marketing could get a bit lost in their tutorial process. It is a little erratic and in my opinion needs to be scheduled better.

Having read through many of the concerns about Founder Fly, there does seem to be complaints about the quality of videos. This is not a huge issue but does detract from the training.

My view of Founder Fly is that it seems to be aimed at new and experienced marketers, however, the experienced ones will benefit more out of it due to many of the videos expecting you to know a little about affiliate marketing in the first place.

 Where to Now?

If you were reading my review with the hope of a great review, my apologies, I can only give my honest appraisal on the evidence given.  I do however have a great option for you, especially if you’re starting out. Check out my review page titled How To Make Extra Money At Home. This is the place I learnt how to build this website and how to make money. In simple terms, it just works for anyone.

Let me show you the basics of setting up a WordPress website – Beginner Guide to Building a WordPress Website.

If you’ve experienced Founder Fly please leave a comment below, I’d love to hear what you have to say about them.

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