Let me first begin by saying that gambling is not going to get 99.99% of you wealthy. There is a very minute percentage of the population that are professional gamblers, and they study all day to get their results. I used to know a professional gambler in the horse racing industry, so I know the amount of hours that were involved. Lotto has never been, and never will be a formula for success. So let’s get into this, what is Lotto Black Book?

Product:what is lotto black book Lotto Black Book

Owner: Larry Blair

URL: www.thelottoblackbook.com

Price:$96.83 USD

Overall Ranking: 0/100

Support: None

What Is Lotto Black Book – An Introduction

OK, Larry Blair is the creator of this website that is as dodgy as it is false. For the cost of nearly $100, you are advised to follow his ‘winning’ formula to succeed in various types of lotteries from around the world. I usually add a photo image of the creator in my reviews, I could not even find a photo of Larry Blair, which goes to show that he doesn’t want to be known once he’s taken your money.

Larry claims to be a maths professor that has won the lottery 3 times himself. If you have such a great formula for winning the lottery, why would you not just keep repeating it and winning for yourself? Instead, Larry has a formula for coaxing vulnerable people into believing he has a formula for winning the lottery.

Why Lotto Black Book Is Not Recommended

An all too common, long winded sales page, full of false claims and false testimonials is how he gets you in. Even though he says everything is true, don’t you believe it. All of his images of people with winning cheques are not through signing up to his formula. They are from other winning prizes!

There is another great review of Lotto Black Book stating where all these winners are from, there’s a link for this at the bottom of this page.

The sales page is so long and it just repeats itself over and over. More testimonials, more stories about how he won the lottery and how you can do it to. Don’t you just love large font like this.

what is lotto black bookYou may notice many review sites promoting the Lotto Black Book. This is because they are affiliate sites. If somebody purchases the product through one of these sites, the owner of the website makes a commission.

That’s fine, I promote affiliate marketing also, however I only promote products I believe in, and  that work. Other people are looking to make a quick few dollars promoting this scam.

Larry obviously realised that he needed to add a little drama into his sales page, so enter the ‘I got shot in the leg‘ piece or entertainment. Wow, great story Larry. Apparently he won the lottery too many times, so 2 masked men asked him for his formula. Larry wouldn’t hand it over, and as a result, poor Larry got shot in the leg!


My Thoughts and Conclusion

As you’ve probably guessed by now, my thoughts are to stay well clear of this product. You will not make money by attempting to win the lottery, no matter how many formula’s you try. Lotto companies started as a way of generating money by governments to earn revenue, so as not to raise taxes. More recent lotteries are for charities. They know that the house always wins as the odds are stacked in their favour. Claims by people like Larry Blair that you can beat the system on a fairly regular basis are complete nonsense.

The only good thing that will come out of purchasing this system, is that you will learn a valuable lesson never to fall for this type of scam again.

As I mentioned in my article, if you’d like a more comprehensive review about where Larry Blair sought out his images, click here.

Do You Really Want To Know How To Make Money?

Making money on the internet is something you need to work at. There is a formula for success and it all starts here. No get rich quick scheme’s, it doesn’t work that way. If you want to genuinely learn how to make money on a recurring basis the way I do, find out all you need to know by clicking the red banner above.

Please let you friends and family know about this scam by sharing through social media.

If you’ve signed up to Larry Blair’s Lotto Black Book, I’ve love to hear your comments. Do you ever win the lotto? Any other comments about this system are also welcome.

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