What Is MoneyCroc – Legit or Scam?

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Introduction To MoneyCroc?

MoneyCroc claims to be a free money making website. Too good to be true you may ask? Possibly yes. Their website states that they generate their profits via advertisements and they give away half of this amount in prizes. When you visit the homepage of MoneyCroc, you’re shown two images with 2 figures in each.

This can be either 2 letters, 2 numbers or one of each. If the 2 figures in the first image match the 2 figures in the second image, you are a winner. If not, you get to press the ‘Try Again’ button. (Refer image below). You also have the option to play for $5, $10 or $50 which is the default. You will be given the option to try again 50 times per day.

There are also games that MoneyCroc promote which are available for you to purchase. This is one of the ways MoneyCroc make their money. They encourage you to buy these games but its not necessary for you to play the featured games for free money.

What is Moneycroc

Can You Really Make Free Money?

I may be skeptical but I suspect that they do not give away half their income in prizes like they claim. I gave it a try and used the maximum limit of 50 attempts per day. I did this for a full week and came away with no wins. That’s not to say that nobody can win.

I did have it set to the default option of $50 so maybe the odds would reduce if I chose a lower denomination. The time I spent on this exercise was approximately 8-10 minutes per 50 clicks. So you could say I’ve wasted about one hour of my time for the week.

I may as well be doing a survey to earn $2. Forums are another source to find the legitimacy of a product. I have checked out many forums and the consensus seems to be that the only winners have set up fake accounts to advise the community of their windfall.

In fact check out this one that claims to have won $76.20. How does this happen then you can only win $5, $10 or $50!

What is Moneycroc

I’m hesitant to say that money cannot be made here, but the winners seem to be few and far between. When (and if) there is a winner, it’s a one off.

How Do MoneyCroc Make Their Money?

Advertising and promotion is the major source of income for these guys. You will notice that each time you click the ‘Try Again’ button, all the banner adverts on the page change to new banner ads. This is because the web page refreshes each time the button is clicked.

If you use all your 50 clicks for a particular day, that’s 50 times they get their adverts shown. And that’s just for one person! The ads get very distracting when refreshed that many times. These banners are very noticeable and the owner/s of this website are hoping you click on any of these adverts. It’s known as PPC (Pay Per Click).

Each time somebody clicks on one of these banners they generate a small income. With the hope of many naive fortune seekers out there, these adverts will get clicked on through curiosity. If you’re familiar with Google Ad-sense, you’ll appreciate that this is Google’s site advertising tool.

As webmasters, we can grab a code from Google Ad-sense to place on our websites for these types of adverts. The advertisers pay Google to provide their ads within this code. Google’s coding is very clever in that the adverts that get shown are relative to what the user has previously been searching for. So with MoneyCroc for instance, most people will have been searching for ways to earn free money.

Hence the banner ads will be similar products or programs. With lots of niave people coming to this website, they see these other opportunities and click on those. Hey presto, MoneyCroc makes money! I must admit, the idea is fairly clever. It’s just morally wrong if they don’t pay out as they say they do.

How safe Is MomeyCroc?

Well judging by ScamAnalize and ScamAdvisor, be wary. Here are their ratings below:

What is MoneyCroc
So what is MoneyCroc, scam or legit.

Is MoneyCroc A Scam?

I mentioned earlier that I was reluctant to say you wouldn’t make any money out of this program, I’d also say you won’t make much money at all out of this program.  If you were paying a subscription or membership fee for this program I’d definitely call it a scam.

However, as it’s totally free to play I’d just call it a waste of time.  If you are looking for a way to create wealth for free let me give you a tip, its never going to happen! Unfortunately there is no magic online program that will give you money for free, sorry to dash your hopes! Fortunately there are ways to make money online and I can help you there. Click below to find out how.

Please let me know if you’ve ever won any money with MoneyCroc. Also feel free to share you experience with MoneyCroc, good or bad, I’d be glad to hear your story. Just submit a comment below.

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