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Owners: Sean Donahoe


Price: $47 – $97 for the Lightening Edition

Overall Ranking: 6/100

Support: Email – very slow to reply.

What is Rapid Content Wizard

Well if you’ve ever heard of the term ‘content spinning’, this basically sums up what Rapid Content Wizard is. Its a program that you can purchase, that will give you content for your website in an instant. It grabs other peoples content from the internet, and spins it to created the same information written in a slightly different way.

Content spinning has been around for a number of years now but that doesn’t mean that its a great solution or alternative to original content. In fact it’s down right unethical, as it’s stealing other people’s content in the first place. Let’s get into the workings of this product and find out what exactly is Rapid Content Wizard.

How Does it Work

For those marketers wanting to skip the hard work and have it all done for you, this program is aimed at you. Here’s my message for those lazy folk. Write your own original content or you will not get ranked.

This program has a very good spiel which will attract website marketers or individuals into thinking this is such a great idea. Be aware though, if you join up, you will not only waste your money, you will also lose all credibility, and your rankings in Google. Here’s how it works.

You get to submit certain parameters into the program, such as keywords that you’d like to target, how long you’d like your article to be in words, and number of paragraphs. You can then press the magic button and presto, you have your own new article (bits and pieces pinched from other individuals or companies websites).

The program will even find relevant images and videos for your article. This all sounds great until you realise that you can’t use them legally. These pictures are taken from Pixabay & Flickr, both of these websites only allow certain images to be used on your website, and you must give credit to the person that owns the image.

What is Rapid Content Wizard


And the Reality is?

Once the software has spun other peoples content and you’ve got your little piece of gold on your PC, you take a proper look at it and realise that some of it doesn’t make sense. It actually comes out in snippets of information which need to be threaded together to make a readable article. So this is going to take time, to get your article to publishing stage.

One of the major problems with this type of program, is that taking snippets and changing a few words around will still be seen as duplicate content in Google eyes. Google’s algorithms will pick up on slightly modified content and you will not get ranked for these articles.

Is There Anything to Like?

Well I thought I liked the affiliate tool, this is where the program will pick out relevant Amazon products for you to sell on your page. However, this is a very easy process to do yourself so I wouldn’t pay their $47 fee just to find an affiliate product for me.

I’ve also since found out that Amazon Auto-posting does not go down too well with Google and your website can just stop getting ranked for the entire time that you have this feature activate. So no, there’s not too much to like about this program.


My Conclusion

With so many websites being created everyday, so many new keywords and great content getting written the correct and legitimate way, this auto-blogging style of program is not out to help you. It’s out to help the creator make money for himself.

I also want to mention that another huge red flag alerted me that this is very shonky venture. They also have a joint venture website where you can flog this program to other poor sods as one of their partners. Sean says in his sales pitch, ‘I want to put a ton of money in your pocket‘! Yeah sure you do Sean. Nobody sells like this if they are legit.

If you really want content written for you because you’re not confident of doing it yourself, pay somebody $30 for a good article. You could also use Fiverr and pay $5 but I doubt the article will be as polished as using somebody more professional. (Not that I don’t recommend Fiverr, they are great for some things).

If you were really going to spend $47 on this program, let me point you in the right direction.

For $0 you can learn how to set up a website (with 2 Free websites included), learn to write valuable content, learn to use keywords that will rank, a free keyword tool and an awesome community of support. Find out all you need to know here.

If you’d like to get some tips on content writing, follow this link.

Please leave a comment below if you’ve ever come across Rapid Content Wizard, let me know your thoughts.

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