The importance of Keyword Research.

You’ve created what you think is an awesome article on your newly created blog. Your website has been up and running now for 4 months and your convinced that you articles will now be getting indexed by Google, Bing & Yahoo. You may be correct, your articles may be getting indexed, but are they getting ranked? Before we ask ‘What is The Best Keyword Search Tool’, let’s get some house keeping out of the way.

Should I Setup Webmaster Tools First?

Let me explain. Firstly we’ll go back a step as Webmaster Tools needs to be completed to have a website that actually gets indexed before it can get ranked. When you initially set up your website, you will want to submit your sitemap to Google webmaster tools. This is done by adding sitemap.xml to the end of your web address. For instance, if your domain name is ‘’, you sitemap will be ‘’. All you need to do, is go to Google Webmaster Tools, input your sitemap and verify it. Once this has been done, all your content will begin to get crawled and indexed. If you have any trouble submitting your sitemap, Google have a great tutorial, it’s found at

Now on to our main topic, keywords to get ranked!

What is a Keyword?

When creating an article, you must be thinking to yourself, ‘I need to find keywords for my website‘. This is crucial. Now the first thing to remember about keywords is this. A Keyword isn’t just one word. That’s correct, many new people starting out think a keyword is a single word. Well, it is, but it’s also a group of words. Just like the title of this post – “What is Keyword Research and How to Utilise it”, this is one keyword. The keyword is a group of words that search engines use (amongst other things) to rank content. The more searches for this term, the better. The less results for this term, the better! Meaning you will not be competing against too many others.

Content or Keywords

In order for search engines to rank your website content, you need to have quality content and great keywords. There are two ways to go about this, find a great keyword and write content around it, or, create valuable content first, then search for keywords to suit. The latter is the way I do it as I find it easier to just write about my topic, without distractions like making sure a keyword will suit the content.

Obviously this is different for each individual, you will find out which is the best formula for yourself.

Keyword Researching

The first thing you need to know, is how to do a keyword research, or how to find keywords for a particular niche. If I was writing a blog about Martial Arts, my first thought of a keyword would be ‘martial arts’. The only problem with this is that although there are 320,745 searches for this term each month, there are also 592 exact results for this term. Now think about all the martial arts studios, magazines, shops, uniforms and movies. Do you really think you could compete with all these professional entities for the No.1 place on Google, or even page 1? I think not. Which brings me to the low hanging fruit.

What is The Best Keyword Search Tool grapes 

Low Hanging Fruit Keywords

All of the most obvious keywords have been utilised by the larger companies and websites that have been around for many years, you do not want to have to compete with these corporations by using the same keywords. So what are our options?

Low Hanging Fruit Keywords, these can be your best friend when starting out with a new blog. Instead of trying to compete with large corporations which employ SEO specialists to keep them ranked at the top, use the low hanging fruit and start gaining traffic as soon as possible. So what is the Low Hanging Fruit?

In the world we live, there are fruit trees which have branches that are low enough to pick from. Whilst not as ripe as the fruit at the top, this low hanging stuff is abundant and well worth harvesting.’ And so comes the term, ‘Low Hanging Fruit’. Another term for this that you may have heard of, is ‘Long tail keywords’.

Low Hanging Fruit Example

Here is an example of how you can get better ranking with longer keywords.

  • Martial Arts (As you’ve seen, 320,745 searches, 592 exact results)
  • Martial Arts classes (3,518 searches, 351 results)
  • Martial Arts classes Chicago (48 searches, 35 results)

As you can see here, the longer your keyword, the less competition you are up against. This is what you are after. Don’t be too concerned with the number searches per month, 50+ is fine. I would suggest that you want a keyword with less than 200 results though.

What is The Best Keyword Search Tool jaaxy

What is The Best Keyword Search Tool?

You may be asking yourself, where did I get these numbers from. No,they are not made up. I use Jaaxy for keyword research. Unfortunately, there are no good free keyword tools on the internet. Some may claim that they are free but you will have to pay for them when asked to upgrade. Either that or they just don’t give accurate or correct information.

A good keyword search tool will give you the amount of searches for the term you are looking for, give you similar keywords that may be better, and give you the QSR (Quoted Search Results). You can actually find this by typing your keyword into Google with quotation marks. You will then have to go to the last page to find out haw many actual results there are.

Jaaxy is a fantastic tool, it will however cost you $19 per month. If you are constantly writing articles, you will find it invaluable. What is the point of writing articles and not having keywords to get ranked!

If you are interested in Jaaxy, you can sign up with them and receive 30 FREE searches. This will give you an idea of what other services are included in your $19 membership. If you do not like it there is no obligation to continue. There is no need to enter a credit card number beforehand like other products either.


In conclusion I’d like to mention that  keywords are an integral ingredient to any successful website. Without keywords you will not get ranked, simple as that. What you may overlook though, is that all your content is actually made up of keywords. What we’ve been talking about in this article here is targeted keywords. So if you write quality content, your articles will get ranked but not as highly as you may like. Using targeted keywords will help you arrive at the first page! So, if you’re after an awesome keyword research tool online, it’s hard to go past Jaaxy.

If you’d like to know how to improve your website content, follow this link – how to improve your website content writing.

For my full review on Jaaxy, go to What Is The Best Tool For Keyword Research.

For information on how to create a successful website in Affiliate Marketing, visit my No.1 Recommendation page.

Feel free to make a comment in regards to Keyword research below. Have you ever used Jaaxy, are you successful with Low Hanging Fruit keywords?

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