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The Worlds Best Keyword Research Tool

So how can Jaaxy help me? Read on below to find out how it’s the leading keyword tool available.

The Jaaxy Brief!

Product Name: Jaaxy

Owners: Kyle & Carson of WA


Price: FREE trial (30 searches, $19 per month(Pro), $49(Enterprise)

Annual: Get an annual subscription for $199

Overall Ranking: 93/100

Support: Excellent

Ease of Use: Extremely Easy (For experienced & newbies alike)

Speed & Accuracy: Scans all keywords on the web in under 20 seconds whilst maintaining extreme accuracy.

The Worlds Best Keyword Research Tool
Jaaxy features & Benefits

Introduction to Jaaxy

So what is the best tool for keyword research? And what is Jaaxy you may well ask? Well it’s the most advanced search engine keyword tool on the market that I have reviewed.

If you’re looking for a FREE keyword tool that will help you to achieve great results, forget it. There are only a few free keyword tools out there and they do not provide any of the useful information that you will require.

In fact even some of the other keyword tools that require purchasing do not have much of the crucial data that Jaaxy provides.

Why is Jaaxy Better Than The Others?

The reason Jaaxy is far better than other keyword tools, is that it provides so much more thorough information with far better accuracy. For your articles to be found amongst the thousands that Google indexes, your keyword research is critical, and this program will be essential to helping you find the exact keywords for your niche.

So What Information really Matters?

Amongst the many other features that Jaaxy provides, there are 4 main things that you require for your keyword research.

  • Firstly the keyword has to make sense!
  • Secondly you need to know how many searches this keyword gets per month.
  • Thirdly you require the actual competition that you will be up against.
  • And lastly, an idea of how much traffic you will receive with this keyword, once you are on page 1 of Google.

Jaaxy will provide you this information in under 20 seconds. You can click on the ‘Get QSR’ to retrieve the Quoted Search Results.

As you can see, there is a column titled KQI (Keyword Quality Index). This gives you a great indication of the quality of that particular keyword. Green for ‘Awesome’, Yellow for ‘Not Bad’ and Red for ‘No Way Dude’.

Jaaxy levels of membership

Levels of Membership

Jaaxy has 3 levels of membership as you can see to the left, let me touch on them here.

FREE: As it says, free membership will limit you to 30 free searches. This is perfect when starting out, it gives you the freedom to check out the program and see if it meets your needs.

Pro ($19): This will be the preferred membership level as it’s not too expensive and gives you unlimited keyword research. If you’re not too concerned about an extra few seconds in speed this will be ideal. It still has most of the functions that the enterprise level incorporates.

Enterprise ($49): For the experienced expert that can’t waste time, this is the membership level for you. At 5 times the speed with instant results, this is the ultimate experience.

So whatever level of development you are at, Jaaxy has the perfect solution for the stage of development that you are at. There are so many extra tools with Jaaxy that I haven’t even explained here, I’ll touch on them in a brief video below.

Try Jaaxy for Free here!

All The Benefits You Would Expect From The Best!

In addition to the extensive keyword search facility, in which you can also save these keywords to multiple lists, here are some other resources included.

  • Brainstorming section – This allows you to research new trends which are searched through various sources such as Google, Buzz, Yahoo,, Alexa and Twitter Trends.
  • Site Ranking Tool – Input a keyword and a URL (possibly your own) to see where it ranks in the search engines.
  • Training – Video tutorials on how to use the extensive range of tools in Jaaxy.
  • Find Affiliate Programs – A feature that lets you find affiliate programs through affiliate networks such as Commission Junction, Clickbank, Link Share and Digital River.
  • Search Analysis – Enter a keyword, and a list of the top ranked websites will be displayed.

As you can clearly see, tons of work has gone into this awesome product that will benefit you and your business in the short and long term. 

Jaaxy also has a very clean and clear interface which makes it very simple to use, from those starting out to the highly experienced .

Let Me Show You The Inside

Below is a brief video that I have compiled to show you some of the benefits of Jaaxy.

Join Jaaxy by clicking the banner below

what is the best tool for keyword research

Lastly, Why Jaaxy?

Every successful website needs successful resources. Jaaxy has been proven to be one of the industry’s best products and will help your business to reach great heights. With so much information accessible from this tool, I believe that for the cost of $19 per month, this is great value for money.

If you find that you need the extra speed, you can always upgrade. 

So in answering what is the best tool for keyword research, look no further than Jaaxy

Why not try the FREE version, and find out how good this product actually is.

Cheers and wealthy success to you.



  1. Jacob Schilling

    I have heard a lot about Jaaxy. As a member of wealthy affiliate, I am happy to see that they integrated the Jaaxy Keyword tool into wealthy affiliate. The Jaaxy Lite has let me see what Jaaxy is all about, and I upgraded to the pro account after about 3 days. Jaaxy truly is the most legit keyword tool available.

    • admin

      Thanks Jacob

      You’re absolutely right. This is an amazing innovation from WA to be able to integrate the Jaaxy platorm right from within the WA dashboard. So there’s now no need to leave WA to go keyword searching. After the last integration of images, this just takes Wealthy Affiliate to a whole new level.

  2. Cathy

    After many months of using a free keyword tool and not ranking with my blog, I am seriously considering switching to a paid keyword tool.

    I am guessing that you are a user with Jaaxy. How soon can you see ranking on your posts using their technique? And what software do you use to crosscheck the results? I am curious to know. Thanks.

    • admin

      Yes  you are correct Cathy, I do use Jaaxy. 

      As far as a timeframe to rank using Jaaxy, this depends on many factors. If you are consistantly updating your website and it is already considered an ‘authority’ site by Google, then your posts for a particular keyword will rank highly, quite quickly. This is assuming you are not competing against highly successful tems that can never be caught, keywords that large corporations use and spend lots of money on.

      Jaaxy has it’s own ‘Site Ranking’ tool that I use but as you say, it’s good to cross check. I oftern use ‘Serps‘ to cross check.

      Best of luck Cathy.

  3. Simon

    I currently use a free keyword tool but it’s part of Wealthy Affiliate’s premium service to which I am a member. When I first started using the tool it sprung up loads of alternative suggested phrases I could use as titles, many with in excess of 100 monthly searches with competition in single figures or in the teens.

    As my website has expanded over the year to now consist of over 100 posts, finding excellent keyword phrases has become more of a challenge therefore I am considering a change and Jaaxy sounds impressive, thanks for describing the many features.

    Have you ever used Wealthy Affiliate’s keyword tool and if so, is there a distinctive benefit making the move?
    Thanks Nigel,

    • admin

      Thanks for you coments Simon. 

      Yes I have used Wealthy Affiliate’s keywod tool and it’s a great start for beginners. The added extras in Jaaxy such as Alphabet Soup Search, Website Ranking & Domain Name Search are wonderful additions. As far as Keyword Search goes, I believe Jaaxy is more acurale and the information is in a more simple but effective manner.

  4. Stephen

    Hello friend,

    I love your review on Jaaxy. It indeed looks like the best Keyword Tool ever, and among the many features of Jaaxy, I just like the fact that you can use it to check your ranking in Google and other keyword tools.

    I also like your explanation on what keyword is the best to use and even how to find such keywords. For instance, I like your explanation on finding a keyword that makes sense and also knowing how many searches you can get in a month.

    Also it is great knowing that Jaaxy will help me to know my competition so as to us that best keyword which has a very low competition. Also knowing how much traffic I can get in a day or a month is very vital and you said I can get all these features on Jaaxy, that is so good.

    I will sign up now for the free 30 keyword searches and then afterward I will go for the premium package. Thanks so such for sharing this information with me.

    • admin

      I don’t think you’ll regret your deision in purchasing this program Stephen. Certainly for intermediate web developers there is not need to spend up big to get extra bells and whistles. Jaaxy has crucial extras anyway that will come in handy for everyday use. Let me know how you find the program.

  5. Simon


    This seems like an awesome keyword research tool, thanks for the awesome review!

    Gotta admit it’s much cheaper than SEM Rush and similar tools. Also, the brainstorm and alphabet soup options are awesome for churning out massive lists of related keywords to help with the research process.

    Do you think opting for the bigger (enterprise) plan would be better?

    • admin

      Spot on Simon. Although SEMrush is a wonderful product, it’s extremely expensive ($99.95 min) unless you use all it has to offer, including analytics and social media tools. And to be honest, the majority of people that are interested in keyword research are primarily going to use it for this purpose only. 

      I would initially opt for the Pro subscription to begin with. If you find that you require more advanced and quicker features, then progress to the Enterprise plan.

  6. James Harvey

    I have seen this program all over the place when I search for keyword research tools on bing. I decided today I would search for reviews on jaaxy and see what others have to say about it. I’m shocked to say that from reading this. That jaaxy is way more than just a keyword research tool. It is a must-have for anyone that plans to run a successful website.

    I joined because of this review and so far I’m loving it. Great review.

    • admin

      Awesome to hear James. You’re correct, it is more than just a keyword research tool. In fact since my review they’ve also added in an ‘Alphabet Soup’ menu. This is another great way to find highly sort after long tail keywords.

      Good investment James.


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