Many people feel like this when building a website “why do i feel like i never have enough time to write”. So when do I get time to write a new blog for this website? Like many budding bloggers out there, I hear so many excuses as to why they can’t find the time to keep their website current and updated. Here’s some excuses.

Why Do I Feel Like I Never Have Enough Time To Write

Well, you get the same amount of hours as every entrepreneur before you. It may feel like there is less time than ever before but the truth is we just have more activities to keep us entertained. We now have digital devices that keep us playing games and sharing worthless things on social media.

The majority of people that ever made a living via an online presence had the same challenges as you. I say the majority as some will not have family commitments or monetary problems. But most struggled through, FINDING the time to push along with their creative ideas and express it through online media.

If you want this enough you will find the time between family commitments, work and sleep.

How Much Time Do I Need To Put In?

The simple answer is, as much time you can spare. Let’s think about this. Most people will have 2-3 hours after dinner before going to bed. So instead of watching television, why not educate yourself. In fact it’s possible to do 1 hour each evening but 2 would give you more time to implement what you are learning.

Then there’s the weekend. Not everyone has the weekends off but most do. Obviously this time is important to spend with family but 4 hours each day is easily achievable. 2 hours in the morning and 2 in the afternoon/evening.

So by my calculations, that’s about 10-14 hours per week that you could better spend your time educating yourself to become an online success.

Yes you do require actively improving yourself and putting in the work. But to get to where you want to be, you have to make some sacrifices. Just think of the future and how you will be enjoying the freedom of working much less hours. It will be worth it.

why do i feel like i never have enough time

Other Opportunities To Find Time

Guess when I wrote this article? OK, I’ll tell you. I wrote it on the train whilst I was travelling to the city. This is a wasted opportunity for thousands of bloggers. Whenever I’m on the train or other public transport, I either write an article for my website or I educate myself.

I look around at everyone else and they’re playing Candy Crush or checking their Facebook feeds. Some commuters even have an hour or more on public transport, why would you waste this time when you could be learning all there is to know about making an extra quid online.

Think smart and use this valuable time.

There’s also many folk who have to fly to various destinations for work. So how much time is wasted sitting in airport lounges and during flight time. Even thoses on holiday can use this time effectively. Have your holiday with family when you arrive but use the boring flight time to write a blog or two.

I wrote my previous article whilst I was watching my son do Parkour (yes Parkour is a thing these days, it involves negotiating obstacles by running, jumping, and climbing). This was after his school day, you know, the obligatory activities parents get to drive their kids to! Well I had an hour to wait so thought I may as well write for my blog. Every article I write helps with getting ranked in the SERPS also (Search Engine Results Pages).

Don’t Waste The Digital Tools Available

Instead of playing games or finding out what Jane had for dinner on Social media, you should be putting all this technology to good use. I find that a mobile phone to too small for me to write on but others don’t. Some of the larger screen cell phones are much better for this.

I use my iPad to write on the go, it’s large enough to see everything layed out for a full webpage.  There’s many app’s that are used for blogging, even simple notepad type app’s will do the job. WordPress has it’s own app that you can blog to and Publish straight from your device.

I belong to a community called Wealthy Affiliate which hosts my websites. I can also use their SiteContent section to create all my articles, and even search for royalty free website images. I Publish my articles straight from there.

Whichever devices, apps or other technology you use, there is no excuse for not updating or even starting a profitable website.

why do i feel like i never have enough time train


Building a website and showing the world what you have to offer, can be one of the most rewarding things you can achieve. If you can monetize it, even better. Not everything is about money but a small income will pay for your hosting.

Time seems to be an issue for everyone in this modern era but as stated earlier, we have the same time as everyone else has ever had. If you’d like to get started with a website then click the link below and I’ll show you where to get started.

And remember, ‘If you do what you’ve always done, You’ll have what you’ve always had!‘.





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